2012 Cars & Art Porsche 997 Carrera 4S


(from Cars & Art Press Release)  A true pretty boy!

A man's favourite toy is known to be named after three digits: 911. An epitome of German sports cars, the Carrera is the perfect cult object in the Porsche model range. As sports car enthusiasts say – the three most important things a man should do once in his life are siring a child, planting a tree and driving a Porsche 911. Up until a few years ago, the latter was rather reserved for the privileged upper class; after the triumph of the Stuttgart car manufacturer, however, a flood of used 'elevens caused the prices to drop for years. Near-new 997-series models, three years old at a mileage of hardly 20,000 kilometres, are available starting at about 50,000 Euro now. Particularly the "old" 996 models are downright cheap, with prices starting as low as approx. 20,000 Euro.

The latest creation of the Mannheim company Cars & Art is the "911 Carrera 4S", a 2005 build. It is certainly not an easy task to touch up a sports car icon like the 911. The successful result, however, offers perfectly matching looks in their very own style.

Regarding looks, Cars & Art gave the 911 a complete matte-white foil cover, adding some high-gloss baby-blue elements for interesting colour accents. Another pretty colour addition is provided by the fine OZ Racing Ultraleggera HLT-wheel rims in racing gold. Cars & Art installed them in a 8.5x20 inch ET55 size with 235/30R20 tyres in front and in 12.5x20 inch ET51 with 325/25 Dunlop Sport Maxx GT tyres in the rear. In-house developments include front and tail covers, complemented by a genuine GT3 spoiler lip. Improved driving conduct is provided by an H&R threaded chassis to put the 911 about 35 millimetres closer to the asphalt all around. The successful Cars & Art-Porsche conversion is completed by a modified exhaust system with flap control.

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