2012 CCG Automotive DodgeWrapped Challenger


(from CCG Automotive)  Dodge Challenger SRT-8 from CCG Automotive

Wrapped Challenger

“Car Wrapping“ – “Fahrzeugfolierung“ in German – is still very much a trendy phenomenon. Little wonder that this technology offers several benefits as opposed to classical painting: Car Wrapping is clean, fast, reversible and enables the combination of different surface color shades and structures. There are hardly limits to the creativity involved!

The company CCG Automotive located in Monschau at the extreme western end of the Federal Republic of Germany specializes in wrapping of all types. High grade car wrapping (full and partial wrapping) is offered by CCG much like inscription on utility vehicles as well as film-coating for paint and stone chip protection. In the process, CCG Automotive emphasizes the fact that the complete “Wrapping” of vehicles must not necessarily be a “monochromatic” affair and therefore offers its customers individual Car Styling with film-coating. The company’s own show car modeled on the basis of the impressive US Muscle Cars Dodge Challenger SRT-8 is an exemplary demo vehicle showcasing the creativity characterizing the work of the company from Monschau. This grand American car was wrapped by CCG Film-Coating Technicians in a combination of flashy green and carbon-white colors with contrasting elements in black, which surely, will cause quite a stir. In contrast to the bright film-coating color, the screens of the Coupe were tinted in dark shade.

Yet CCG Automotive does not confine its company operations to film-coating alone but also covers the entire spectrum of the technical and optical tuning of cars, the build-up of performance vehicles for road traffic and racing as well as the restoration and repair of classical automobiles. CCG Automotive caused quite a stir in the past few months with the presentation of the company’s own sports car “customGT”.

And of course, the CCG Challenger even has far more to offer than being “just” one extravagant wrapping. For instance, the 6.1 liter V8 of the SRT8 top model, which in serial production, already has a strength of 431 Horse Power – and is by no means a weakling – was sent packing from the large engine compartment. It had to make way for a formidable 7.0 liter Stroker HEMI-V8, which develops a massive 600 Horse Power and torments the drive line with some powerful 638 Newton-meter torque. Upon every burst of acceleration, the axle back exhaust produced in our factory with two square exhaust-pipe-ends, releases a characteristic and unmistakable thunderous sound. Pushed to full performance limit, the speedometer pointer of the Challenger will move almost effortlessly beyond the 300 km/h end-marking of the speedometer. The fact that Dodge can still be driven as a relatively economic and affordable vehicle in spite of this powerhouse buried beneath the long engine hood and in times of skyrocketing gas prices is attributable to the installed PRINS Liquefied Petroleum Gas facility with two carburetors and a 120-liter tank.

Since the modern Pony Car Interpretations are also generally known for their inability to keep pace with European sports cars in terms of Chassis performance, CCG Automotive also eliminated this glaring weak-point of the brawny American car and installed a KW coilover with adjustable rebound damping.

It is a matter of course that a high-powered automobile like the Challenger also requires an adequate wheel tire combination. CCG Automotive combined the three-part Asanti of the sizes 9x22 and 10x22 inches, painted in black, with Pirelli Scorpion Zero Rollers of the dimensions 265/35R22 on the steering axle and 295/30R22 on the drive axle. To facilitate the successful installation of this combination in the wheel wells, they had to be discreetly widened. LSD doors allow the large doors to swing skywards.

CCG Automotive also devoted its attention to the interior in its beautification efforts. Previously hard and seemingly less sophisticated plastic surfaces, seats as well as the dashboard and headliner were partially neatly stitched and refined with soft Alcantara and pleasant smooth leather in anthracite/black. Red seams and edge framing clearly emphasize colors. The factory-installed MyGIG hard disk audio system with Radio, CD/DVD player and Touch screen as well as the SRT Option Package II with 13 Kicker SRT high-performance loudspeakers, a 322-watt Kicker SRT amplifier and a 200-watt Kicker SRT subwoofer provide first-class Hi-Fi sound on board.

All other facts and information on price and delivery can be obtained directly from:

CCG automotive GmbH
Hans-Georg-Weiss-Str. 20
52156 Monschau
Phone: 0 24 72 / 80 26 12 4
Email: info@ccg-automotive.de
Website: www.ccg-automotive.de

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