2012 Donkervoort D8 GTO


(from Donkervoort Press Release)  Success of the D8 GTO has produced a stream of premium pre-owned Donkervoort cars

The recent introduction of the new Donkervoort D8 GTO has resulted in a veritable influx of premium pre-owned Donkervoort cars on the market. A significant number of D8 GTOs have since been ordered, the upshot of which is that a number of very recent ‘full option” cars have been traded in. The majority of these cars can be seen on the Donkervoort Used Car Site , which features exceptionally attractive prices as well. In addition, the offer includes a number of cars from outside the Netherlands that are exempt from the Dutch BMP (Private Motor Vehicle Tax).

This is an absolute record number of pre-owned cars for Donkervoort Automobiles. Never before have so many existing cars become available following the introduction of a new model. Also unique is that so many premium Donkervoorts are included among the trade-ins. With as knock-on effect that relatively speaking –due the intra-group competition- the prices of these pre-owned cars are at an extremely attractive level. This makes the introduction of the GTO a significant event for other Donkervoort drivers as well.

The introduction of the GTO has also generated a lot of attention in the Netherlands and abroad. Car magazines, newspapers and leading websites around the world have reported about the newest Donkervoort model. And the reactions show that the GTO has been received internationally as intended: the first of the next generation of open sports cars. Not only the ratio between power and weight was cited, but the design and construction of the cars were emphatically referred to as remarkably exceptional. Consequently, many a car journalist has stated with excitement that they are looking forward to the official press presentation in May/June of this year, where they will be able to judge the new car for themselves.

Naturally, the latter also applies to all Donkervoort drivers who have already ordered ‘their’ GTO. The first 25 cars (to be built in 2012) will be delivered in a special edition: with a 30 kg lighter engine and a special switch on the dashboard for upgrading from 340 to 400 bhp in one go, all meant to give new meaning to the Donkervoort experience.

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