2012 JE Design Porsche Cayenne Progressor


(from JE Design Press Release)  JE DESIGN launches testosterone-enhanced Porsche Cayenne PROGRESSOR

  • Masculine aerodynamics – top quality wide body kit
  • Turbo with 610 hp
  • 22-inch alloy rims with SCORPIO design and SUV Select
  • Electronic lowering module for improved performance

    Following the release of the updated Porsche Cayenne, many of the, mainly male, fans of the SUV from Stuttgart were disappointed by the tame design. Now JE DESIGN has developed the new “PROGRESSOR” aerodynamics kit (14,280 euro) for the Porsche Cayenne, giving it a very special shot of testosterone with a more distinctive and muscular appearance.

    The JE DESIGN front skirt with optimized air intake is available in two versions, making it possible to use the standard LED lights on both the Cayenne Turbo / GTS and the Cayenne Diesel / S. The light design makes a statement in the daytime as well as at night. With two low-mounted fog lamps and two high beam lights, JE DESIGN has given the Porsche Cayenne a distinctive appearance, while at the same time increasing safety. Three air outlets are mounted on the specially designed sports hood for improved ventilation. The rear of the Porsche Cayenne from JE DESIGN is also more muscular: four huge tailpipes, each with a diameter of 100 millimeters (for the Cayenne S / GTS / Turbo also optionally available as sport rear mufflers with throttle control for 2,856 euro), a diffusor and side roof spoiler extension, as well as the flared wheel arches are an impressive demonstration that this Porsche Cayenne has been given a very special modification.

    The side roof spoiler extension not only looks good, it serves a purpose by reducing dirt build-up on the rear windshield. So that the Cayenne can still be used as a towing vehicle, a removable cover is built into the underside of the rear skirt, allowing Porsche’s optional trailer hitch to be used. The bottom door trims blend seamlessly into the Porsche design language and their air inlet give the Cayenne an even sportier look. The sports hood and the side roof spoiler extension are also available individually on request.

    Customers can also ramp up under the hood: power upgrades are available for both the diesel as well as the gasoline engines. These give the JE DESIGN Porsche Cayenne Turbo up to 610 hp on the road.

    With its lowering (starting at 1,428 euro), JE DESIGN has gone for the latest technology and the air suspension module from JE DESIGN can even be controlled via an iPhone app. The functionality of the Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) damping system is retained. The result is individual lowering and improved performance. The 10 x 22-inch alloy rims are from the range of wheels developed specially for Porsche and are available both in the SCORPIO design in matt black – silver front (five double spokes, complete set of wheels: 4,810 euro) and in the SUV Select design (five spokes, complete set of wheels: 5,190 euro).

    JE DESIGN Porsche Cayenne 958 with SCORPIO in 22" and LED Daylight

    SUV Select wheels are available in 3 different color designs: matt black – silver front, silver shadow – polished front and matt graphite – polished rim. In conjunction with wheel spacers (front 60 millimeters / axle, rear 80 millimeters / axle for 409 euro) and 295/30 R 22 tires, the widened wheel arches are filled out. For winter use, JE DESIGN offers the SCORPIO alloy wheel with dimensions of 9x20 inches (single rim: 393 euro) in matt black.

    JE DESIGN Porsche Cayenne 958 with SUV-Select in 22"

    JE DESIGN offers the full upgrade including fitting, painting, vehicle inspection, lowering and a complete set of 22-inch wheels with wheel spacers for 28,038 euro.

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