2012 JE Design Porsche Panamera


(from JE Design Press Release)  JE DESIGN Gives the Porsche Panamera a Customized Increase in Sportiness

  • Dynamic aerodynamic kit in OEM quality
  • Power increase to 300 BHP for the Porsche Panamera Diesel
  • Porsche Panamera Turbo increased to 600 BHP
  • Exclusive 22” alloy rims in the “Pandora” design
  • Electronic suspension-lowering module

    When designing its exclusive accessories line for the Porsche Panamera, automobile-tuning company JE DESIGN has stuck with the tried and tested. With an attractive aerodynamic package, the unique form and lines of the Porsche sedan become even more striking. The JE DESIGN front skirt (3,332 Euros) is designed in such a way that the air in-flow of the intercooler is further optimized. Daytime driving lights / marker lights and blinking LEDs are integrated into the elaborate double bars. In addition, the custom-fitting skirt has central vent openings where it meets the hood. The side skirts (1,547 Euros) integrate harmoniously with the Porsche design and, complete with air inlets, give the Panamera an even sportier appearance.

    Strikingly Sporty and Functional

    JE DESIGN has further refined the tail of the Panamera, which was already extremely attractive in the standard series model. In place of the extendable rear spoiler, the tuning company has opted for a fixed spoiler (1,547 Euros), taking the design of the Porsche in an even sportier direction. The complete rear skirt with its diffuser and central air outlet in no way contradicts this ethos. A removable covering is integrated into its underside, meaning that the tow bar available from Porsche as an optional extra can still be used. The functional skirt is available at 3,332 Euros. It is also possible to continue using the standard exhaust system upon request, even with the JE DESIGN rear skirt installed. If you want the sound of the Panamera to be even more sonorous, it is also possible to install a JE DESIGN stainless steel cat-back exhaust system including valve control (only with petrol engines) for 3,987 Euros. A stainless steel exhaust system without valve control is available for the diesel model. Each of the four round tailpipes has a diameter of 100 millimeters.

    Power Increases and lowered Suspension

    The air-suspension on the Panamera available from JE DESIGN (1,428 Euro) lowers the chassis by between 20 and 30 millimeters. By electronically adjusting the Porsche’s pneumatic suspension, the impact of the light alloy rims in the “Pandora” design, with their matt black spokes and stainless steel surround, available in 9 and 10.5 x 22” variations, becomes even more powerful within the wheel arches. The complete wheel set, including 265/30R22 and 295/25R22 large high-performance tires costs 6,545 Euros. Naturally the functionality of the infinitely adjustable “Porsche Active Suspension Management” (PASM) damping system, with its three programs: “Comfort”, “Sport” and “Sport Plus”, is retained.

    Power increase packages for the Panamera Diesel and the Panamera Turbo are available from JE DESIGN. The additional control unit increases the standard power from 184 kW (250 BHP) to 221 kW (300 BHP), while the maximum torque of the 3.0-liter, six cylinder diesel increases from 550 Nm to 650 Nm. With these new levels of power, the performance-enhanced Panamera Diesel can accelerate from 0-60 mph within 6.5 seconds (compared with 6.8 secs for the series model). The top speed increases from 150 to 155 mph. The Panamera Turbo is even faster. JE DESIGN have boosted the power of the eight-cylinder Bi-Turbo with its 4.8-liter cylinder capacity to 441 kW (600 BHP) by installing the JE-DESIGN additional control unit. This amounts to an increase of 100 BHP in comparison to the power of the standard series model, at 368 kW (500 BHP). The standard model’s 700 Nm torque is increased to 850 Newton meters as a result of the modified control electronics. This reduces the 0-60 mph acceleration time from 42 to 3.8 secs. The top speed of 188 mph remains unchanged.

    The tuning company will install the new software for the control unit for 1,500 Euros including VAT for the diesel model, and for 2,000 Euros for the turbo model. This includes a one-year warranty covering the engine, turbo charger, gearbox and drive chain, which can be extended by an additional year for 200 Euros, provided the modified Porsche model is no more than 2 years old and has less than 60,000 miles on the odometer.

    The high-quality accessories from JE DESIGN have received many awards from the international trade press.

    Further information on the comprehensive JE DESIGN range of sports accessories for vehicles manufactured by the Volkswagen Group is available by telephone at +49(0)7131/20384-0 and online at www.je-design.de.

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