2012 Lamborghini Aventador Model LP 700-4 by RGE


(from Robert Gulpen Engineering)  The most expensive and most precious model car in the world

The bidding starts at 5 Million Dollar

Munich, Germany, September 2011: Quality of craftsmanship, precision, individuality and value are the trademarks of the German model carmaker Dipl.-Ing. Robert Wilhelm Gülpen, who has been creating luxury car models from solid precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum for the past twelve years. The replicas cover the range of all leading car manufacturers and are accessible to anyone with a taste for luxury and a love of cars.

The engineer’s latest project, however, will make the Guinness Book of Records. Now he is going to manufacture the most expensive and most precious model car in the world; a unique creation made according to the personal requests of the potential buyer.

Gülpen has conferred with various luxury car makers from around the world. Now the decision is made.
It is a Lamborghini supersports car which he created as The most expensive and most precious model car in the world. In fact, it is their latest model, the Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4. Uncompromising, extreme and sensuous like the original, the model will be realized in exactly the same way.

However, enthusiasts will have to change their unit of measurement for this model, not kilometres and Newton metres but carats and ounces.

Essentially the model is made of solid gold and platinum. And it is not a model car. It is a piece of art.

The body of the prototype additionally features genuine carbon fiber, as used in Formula 1 cars.

For Gülpen, the car model name indicates the number of jewels on the front seats to be used: Aventador LP 700-4, that means 700 pieces of precious stones per seat, or 1400 just for the two seats in the most expensive and precious model car in the world!

Gülpen has created the LEDs of the headlights using high-quality clear diamonds, whereas the rear lights are artistically made of colored precious stones.

In the end it is the customer who will decide exactly what the most expensive and most precious model car in the world will look like. Because he can determine according to his preferences, what materials will be used.

Gülpen says, that the match between the client and the carefully constructed model will allow the car to represent the personality and desires of the owner, as well as the brand and model’s qualities such as fascination, joy, power and exclusivity. Moreover, the material value of the chosen precious metals and stones alone, in the order of 2,5 Million Dollar, will be a sound investment for life with a real potential for value increase in the future.

Guinnes Book of World Records:

The project will actually secure three entries into the Guinness Book of World Records. Firstly, the most expensive and most precious model car in the world, secondly the most secure showcase which comes with it, made from bulletproof glass and thirdly the most precious Lamborghini logo ever made.


The buyer will surely want to receive emotions and history of the world of Lamborghini together with the most expensive and most precious model car in the world. To that end, some specific parts of the Lamborghini company`s history and some selected pieces from the development and productions phase of the original Lamborghini Aventador car and engine are integrated.

For example:

  • A piece of a wall stone of the first building of Lamborghini in Italy
  • A first design drawing of the Lamborghini Aventador car and engine
  • A part of the first engine prototype
  • And some more subtle surprises, which are not revealed right now

    Next steps:

    The most expensive and most precious model car in the world was recently presented to the international community for the first time ever at the International Motor Show, IAA, in Frankfurt, Germany, from 15. – 25. September 2011 at Lamborghini stand.

    The object is now ready to go on a world tour and will be displayed in exhibitions or exclusive fairs in most major cities.

    The Lamborghini Aventador model will be auctioned in December 2011, starting from a base price of
    5 Million Dollar in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or an other city in Middle East, USA, China or Russia.
    A considerable share of the auction price achieved will be presented to a registered charity organisation.

    Should a potential buyer, company or private individual wish to secure The most expensive and most precious model car in the world for himself now, he can approach RGE Robert Gülpen Engineering directly on www.guelpen.com before it goes to auction. The client then has the advantage of exclusivity and the possibility to personalise some specifications. In this case the price would be fixed at 6,5 Million Dollar.

    Of course the buyer can decide whether he desires worldwide media coverage or remain anonymous.

    Agent or Agencies:

    If the buyer of the model will be found through an agent before the auction, then this agent will receives a commission of $ 350.000,00 from RGE Robert Gülpen Engineering. For this contact www.guelpen.com

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