2012 Loder1899 Range Rover Evoque Horus


(from Loder1899 Press Release)  Range Rover Evoque Horus

Loder1899 doffs its cap to the Range Rover Evoque

For more than 40 years Range Rover has stood for luxury and elegance in the competitive offroad field. Many have tried to better Range Rover, but few have come even close. The prestigious German automobile manufacturers from Zuffenhausen, Stuttgart and Munich fail to meet the mark, although the Germans sell more offroad vehicles, they havenīt shed the image of the Chelsea tractor. Range Rover walks the talk.

With the Evoque, the Range Rover design has been optimized rousing enthusiatic interest in the cars world.

Loder1899, the leading Bavarian tuner, adds the finishing touches to this gorgeous car, with a discreet body styling kit, „Horus“ named after the Egyptian god. Included in the kit is: a complete front bumper with integrated fender flares and a more aggressive rear diffuser. The complete kit with 11 x 23 inch Elements IV wheels, Michelin Pilot Sport 315/35R23-tyres and a lowered suspension is availabe from Loder1899. The price for the conversion without wheel/tires is 3032, - € including German VAT.


Prices and parts of the Range Rover Evoque "Horus"

Front apron with fender flares: 2451, - €
Only the fender flares: 965, - €
Rear diffuser: 581, - €
Suspension kit: 379, - €
Elements IV 23x11 with 315/25R23 Michelin Pilot: 7337, - €
Performance tuning 140kW/190PS 160kW/220PS: 1299, - €

Competitivley wheel / tire combination WP: 8,5 x18 incl. tire 235/60R18: prices start at 514.02 € / per wheel

"Loder1899" Exclusive Package "Horus" not including assembly and paint work: 12 047, - €

List Price SD4 Dynamic "Shanghai" Edition 140 kW (190 hp): 66.000, - €
Loder1899 Horus: 78 047, - €

Loder1899 always delivers body styling kits with, EG type approval (ABE) or part-expertise, assembly instructions and all mounting materials. Wheel / tire combinations are supplied with TüV-certificate or ABE, mounted and balanced

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