2012 Lotus Evora 414E Hybrid


(from Lotus Press Release)  Lotus Evora 414E Hybrid

A highly advanced, hybrid sports car concept developed as part of a cutting-edge collaborative R&D project funded by the UK’s Innovation Agency, The Technology Strategy Board (TSB).

The Lotus Evora 414E Hybrid has been developed as technology demonstrator from Lotus Engineering, produces 414 PS (305 kW) of power, promises breathtaking performance from a highly efficient propulsion system. The concept showcases new developments in plug-in range- extended electric propulsion and new electronic technologies to enhance driver involvement.

The range extended electric drive of the Evora 414E Hybrid consists of two electric motors driving each of the rear wheels independently via single speed geartrain, integrated into a common transmission housing, thus enabling torque vectoring for stability control of the vehicle. Electrical power is stored in a lithium polymer battery pack which is optimised for energy density, efficiency and high power demand and mounted in the centre of the vehicle for stability and safety. Additional range is provided by the Lotus Range Extender engine, an optimised 1.2 litre, three- cylinder engine, designed specifically for series hybrid vehicles. The drivetrain is designed to combine astonishing performance with efficient, low emissions driving.

Driver involvement is enhanced by the incorporation of HALOsonic Internal and External Electronic Sound Synthesis technologies from Lotus and HARMAN, which provide sound contouring within the cabin and improve pedestrian safety outside the vehicle. Integrated with the HALOsonic technology, the Evora 414E Hybrid also showcases a brand new technology from Lotus Engineering, a sports mode that simulates a 7 speed, paddle shift transmission that combines exceptional driver involvement for a hybrid sports car and optimised energy recuperation.

The Evora 414E Hybrid has been designed to highlight Lotus’ innovative electric and hybrid vehicle technology without distracting from the pure sportscar character of the Evora.

  0-60 mph / 97 km/h in around 4 seconds
  Total hybrid range of over 300 miles / 483 kilometres
  Eco mode or Sports mode featuring realistic 7 speed paddle shift with energy recuperation
  Next generation of Lotus and HARMAN intelligent pedestrian warning system, integrating the advanced HALOsonic sound synthesis system with video technology.
  Torque vectoring for improved dynamic stability

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