2012 PG Elektrus


(from PG Press Release)  PG proudly Presents: the PG Elektrus – made by Michael Fröhlich

Fast, wild and extravagant: on January 17, 2012, PG and Düsseldorf-based automobile designer Michael Fröhlich will be presenting the PG Elektrus in Berlin – an exclusive urbane e-Roadster with a powerful uniqueness factor

Regensburg, January 2012 – DESIGN MEETS FUTURE – a car as individual as you. PG has become synonymous for the synthesis of sophisticated design and reliable and sustainable cutting-edge technology. This recipe for success, transferred to the ‘premium-segment urbane sports car’ project, has now found its crowning glory in the PG Elektrus. Here, classic sports car design meets lifestyle and pioneering electric propulsion technology. The result is a futuristic-looking purebred Roadster with above-average driving performance, an entirely new sensation of urban movement and the pure and unadulterated joy of driving a sports car! A swift-as-an-arrow “city racer” par excellence designed to make even the most discriminating heart skip a beat.

This project embodies 30 years of condensed practical and theoretical experience: together with his team, automotive designer and visionary Michael Fröhlich will commence production of the e-Roadster based on sports car models by British racing car company Lotus in his small but sophisticated car manufactory in Düsseldorf starting in 2012. Needless to say, the PG Elektrus will be a more than worthy successor to his legendary “Phoenix Cobra”.

Distinctive and charismatic are the terms the PG Elektrus brings to mind: with its wide and distinct face and its rear featuring large crossed stop lights it really sticks out from the crowd of cookiecutter
cars. The use of glass-fiber reinforced plastics makes the vehicle a real lightweight, which, thanks to its simple and straightforward design, is virtually free from potential failure sources and hence extremely low-maintenance. Depending on individual driving styles, the batteries’ range is up to 350
kilometers, with the special advantage that battery recharging is possible not only at the charging stations but is additionally supported by the special solar power panel mounted to the vehicle’s rear which permanently collects solar energy. Drivers who favor a sporty and active driving style have a choice of switching back and forth between automatic transmission and stick shift while driving and get to pick between a full-bodied V8 sound and a racy Formula-One sound thanks to the vehicle’s outstanding sound system. The e-Roadster passes the 100 kilometers-per-hour speed mark in under three (3) seconds and achieves top speeds of up to 300 kilometers per hour. Body, interior equipment and drive form a special, harmonious whole which is the vehicle’s unique BMS (Battery-Managing-System) and hence the “core element” of the PG

Elektrus – apart from being the state of the art!

Anything is possible: thanks to its modular design, the PG Elektrus can be customized without limitations and designed to meet every customer’s individual needs and requirements. Be unique! To maintain a desirable close cooperation and direct communication, distribution is limited exclusively to PG. The PG Elektrus marks a milestone in contemporary sports car design. Uniqueness, speed and a love for detail are the inspiration behind an unforgettable driving experience. Come and enjoy the essence of experience! A sporty and urbane luxury e-Car designed to make dreams come true.

about PG:  Design meets future: PG – as individual as you

The PG brand has become synonymous for lifestyle, individuality and uniqueness. The range of innovative and exclusive e-Bikes, Pedelecs and UrbanBikes handmade in accordance with the Regensburg-based premium manufacturer‘s customized design specifications also includes an urban sports car, the PG Elektrus by Michael Fröhlich, an e-Car in a class quite of its own. All products marketed by PG epitomize a modern, trendy and urbane style of motion - Made in Germany. They embody sustainability and are positioned exclusively in the top-of-the-range market segment. Under the motto “Be unique!TM” the entire product portfolio made by PG is stylish and extravagant at the same time. The highest quality standards in terms technologies and the discriminating selection of materials and the processing thereof combine to create unique technological masterpieces in a class of their own.

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