2012 Reifen Koch Ford Mustang Konquistador


(from Reifen Koch Press Release) THE KONQUISTADOR by Reifen Koch

In 1964 Ford let the first Mustang come into the world. The model took its place quickly as an alternative to already legendary Thunderbird and became an ancestor to a new generation of the Pony-Car Class. Through different intermediate states and countless niche models and at last we came up to the Mustang V, a model created in 2004.

In this article we will speak about this kind of V8-daredevil with 4.6 L engine capacity and 309 kW. In order to significantly improve the Optics of the advanced Retro-Design vehicle that belonged to the popular movie stars for a long time, we installed the Cervini-Bodykit for 8,000 Euro. We also installed a specially featured exhaust system which included side pipes at both ends to ensure the smooth operation of the hard bar. Moreover, this tomboy is equipped with KW-coilovers with electrically lifting axles and HLS (Hydraulic Lift System) Kit, which solved such well-known problems caused by its smaller ground clearance as emissions on the roadway, problem garage entry and covered parking entry and also problems with so-called speed-blocker. We also installed the Brembo braking system so that the Mustang could slow down well.

But what would it be – and here we come up to the highlight of our program – without one of the greatest combinations of wheels and tyres that provides the strongest contact between the car and the street, the Hause Schmidt Revolution (www.felge.de) in Schleswig-Holstein Bad Segeberg? This time the image is accomplished by the four Gotham wheels with the dimensions of 9Jx20H2 at the front axle and 11Jx20H2 – at the back axle with Dunlop tyres in 265/35R20 and 305/30R20. The alloy wheels and wide tyres cost together 4,500 Euro!

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