2012 Senner Tuning Audi S5 Coupe


(from Audi Press Release)  RS5-Styling for the Audi S5 - from Senner Tuning

It’s now generally agreed that Senner Tuning, based in Ingelheim am Rhein near Frankfurt in Germany, is one of the first points of call when it comes to the fine tuning of Audi A5, S5 and RS5 models. Now Senner Tuning is presenting its latest design for the brawny Audi S5 coupé with its 2012 ‘facelift’ version.

Senner Tuning has tweaked the car body of the ibis-white two-door Audi, giving it the look of the flagship RS5 model, by adding a front spoiler in RS5 design with original RS5 air intakes as well as fitting an original black RS5 radiator grille to the vehicle. Continuing the same way at the back of the vehicle, Senner has added an RS5-style rear spoiler as well as RS5 exhaust pipe end covers. The rear-design is finished with a rear window spoiler and a restrained boot lid spoiler element. Between the fenders, Senner Tuning has installed side skirts finished in carbon-fibre. The exterior rear view mirror casings are also made of shimmering mesh carbon-fibre. The characteristic Audi rings on the front and rear of the vehicle have been retained in black, and Senner Tuning have placed ‘Supercharged’ badges on the front fenders to give a little something extra. The vehicle’s number plates are illuminated by bright white LEDs.

Senner has equipped the Audi S5 with high-quality Work VS-XX light-alloy wheels with black-coloured anodised star-shaped rims and mirror-finish anodised outer rims. These 9x20 inch and 10.5x20 inch high-quality three-part wheel rims are perfectly matched to Vredestein Ultra Sessanta tyres of size 245/30R20 and 295/25R20.

A KW coilover suspension system ensures firm control while cornering at the same time as a smooth ride and great driving comfort. The coilovers offer individual vehicle lowering and the option to adjust rebound damping.

The series-standard 3.0 litre V6 engine, which, in spite of the somewhat misleading designation ‘TFSI’ is not boosted by a turbocharger, but instead by a mechanically-driven supercharger, is already an extremely powerful engine. The golden rule, however, is that you can never have enough power, and so Senner Tuning provide the option to enhance the performance of the supercharged V6 engine from 329 bhp to a whopping 429 bhp. At the same time, torque is increased from 440 to 501 Nm. Thanks to the removal of the electronic Vmax (maximum speed) blocker, Senner Tuning’s Audi S5 can fully convert its enhanced performance into forward drive and top line speed. On the vehicle shown here, Senner Tuning has installed a performance racing air filter, a two-part motor cover and a power converter which sharpens the characteristic on the electronic accelerator pedal.

A four-pipe RS5 exhaust system extending from the catalytic converter, including a downpipe and exhaust flaps, ensures the Audi S5 makes a truly awesome sound.

Senner Tuning hasn’t neglected to spruce up the colourful bicolour fine Nappa leather trim in black and magma-red with contrasting colour stitching either.
An interior set including door extensions made from coarse-mesh 600 carbon-fibre, has been fitted, as has an Audi R8 sports steering wheel, flattened at the bottom, with shift paddles and a race ring, as well as RS5 door handles, including illumination units. A DVD system can be activated to enable DVDs to be shown while driving.

If you’ve fallen in love with the vehicle shown here (initial registration in January 2012, mileage approx. 4000 km), it’s for sale! Senner Tuning is offering a special price of EUR € 69,990.00 (VAT stated separately) for the complete vehicle (Original vehicle price including special fittings, trim and tuning: EUR € 99,700.00).

All further details, as well as price and delivery information are available directly with

Senner Tuning AG
Heinrich-Wieland-Strasse 11
55218 Ingelheim
Tel.: +49 (0) 61 32/ 71 28 08
Email: info@senner-tuning.de

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