2012 speedART Porsche Boxster SP81-R


(from speedART Press Release)  Ready to enjoy: speedART SP81-R

The newest invention of german Porsche tuner speedART is called SP81-R which is based
on the new Boxster/S typ 981.


The SP81-R has an impressive new aerodynamic and color design. The car is painted (no foil or film!) in black and green with original Porsche colors. The bodykit consist of a rear wing, a rear diffusor, a front chin spoiler and side panels with rear carbon applications. All parts are designed to be painted in the well-known speedART bi-color optic, which was made already on the SP91-R which is based on the new Porsche 991 Carrera. The SP81-R will be integrated seamless in the existing design-line and creates a high value of brand recognition for speedART cars. Obviously the aero-kit creates more downforce on front and rear axle and give the new Boxster a more sportive and stronger look.

Power upgrades:

There are different power kits for both brand new 981 Boxster and Boxster S engines. Starting with a complete modified sport exhaust system with sport-catalysts and manifolds / headers (optionally combined with a sound switch function) the power kit I creates + 20 hp and 20 nm. In addition there will be a perfect calibration of the ECU map to increase the power of the 981 model up to 35 hp + 30 nm (power kit II) including a fascinating and impressive sound. Furthermore there is a bold-on-turbo-kit in preparation which will give the new Boxster S about 80 hp more power.


The speedART sport exhaust with sound switch is developed for controlling the sound value of the cars individually at pleasure. The sport exhaust could be combined with several different tailpipe versions for maximum individuality and singularity. Obviously there is a more simple version without the sound switch available but both alternatives give the new concertible about 9 hp more power because of the reduced back- pressure. There will be also a very light Titanium sport exhaust system version for racing enthusiastic costumers available very soon.

Wheels/Rims and brakes:

speedART offers the modular LSC- FORGED wheel in 20” and 21”. This special speedART designed wheel is a complete new innovation which is especially made as a super light forged version in the sizes from 8,5x20” up to 11x21”. It is availiable in diffrent colors of the center star and outer rim to emphasize the individuality of each LSC-FORGED wheel. The brake callipers have been painted, too in the same way as the car.


There are different sport suspensions for street and race track use available. Beside the sport suspensions with sport springs or an adjustable sport suspension there is an airlift suspension in preparation to maintain the everyday practicability of cars with the SP81-R bodykit.


The speedART SP81-R will be shown with a complete new interior design which is made by the exclusive speedART manufactur. There are various impressive and unique variations of leather and Alcantara fitted in the new Boxster. A high class and premium new speedART design interieur will impress every car enthusiast definitely and hopefully you, too.

For further information please visit www.speedART.de 

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