2012 TC-Concepts Audi R8 Toxique


(from TC-Concepts Press Release)  TOXIQUE

Doubtlessly, the "small" Audi R8 with its 4.2 litre V8 has great potential for becoming the new tuner favourite over the next few years. The Ingolstadt sports car has now turned into one of the most sought-after alternatives to Porsche 911 & Co. Its price-performance ratio is, after all, unparalleled.

The high-end refiners at TC-Concepts in Berlin recognised the trend of the times, presenting an R8 version that can hardly be surpassed in exclusiveness after months of development work. The core of this development is the in-house car body kit that could hardly have been produced any prettier or more harmonious by the original manufacturer. The R8 front received an entirely new bumper with huge ventilation openings for its characteristically fierce look. Of course, the "Toxique" is much wider than the serial model. A set of side sills and new side parts, incl. air guides and wheel running widening, ensure an extremely wide base. As a small gimmick addition, the TC-Concepts technicians copied the original tank lid and put it on the left vehicle flank as well for a harmonious overall image. The tail area with its new bumper with diffusor and fixed full-carbon tail wing is reminiscent of a GT racing car. A stainless steel exhaust system end pipe with a diameter of 165 millimetres and flap control is cleanly integrated in the diffusor on the right and left. It does not produce the regular V8 sound, but true "Earthquake" thunder! The Berlin company also gave the car's tail black-grey R8 GT backlights with adjusted LED control, as well as pretty outer mirrors with exposed carbon cover.

The serial power of 420 HP was increased to approx. 440 HP by software optimisation. A sports air filter kit by the BMC specialists ensures better V8 motor ventilation. In-house type "Toxique Parlé" wheel rims turn in the widened wheel housings of the TC-Concepts-Audi – 8.5x20 inch with 235/30 ZR20 in front and 10.5x21 inch with 295/25 ZR21 in the rear. For the wheels to end perfectly aligned with the mudguard edges, the front axle received 30 millimetre and the rear axle 70 millimetre H&R spacer discs. Lowering is performed by a racing-sports-tested H&R threaded chassis that can be adjusted in its hardness even when installed. The original brake system was also slightly reworked and the brake callipers were powder-coated in racing yellow.

The interior is equipped in highly sophisticated style. The TC-Concepts designers completely converted the R8 cockpit. Of course, the popular carbon fibre material is not only very light-weight but also looks just great. Therefore, all strips, the dashboard, centre console, seat consoles, transmission tunnel, door handles and speedometer visor are coated entirely in true carbon-fibre tissue. These changes alone would have been enough. The Berlin company went even farther, though: The canopy and A- & B-columns were equipped with soft Alcantara covers; the seat unit received an entirely new leather coating in fine Bentley Beluga-Nero leather combined with special seams reminiscent of a Versace suit. The fine velour carpets with their TC-Concepts-Logo and silver-grey stitching perfectly complete the rework.

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