2012 TopCar Porsche 911 Carrera 991


(from Porsche Press Release)  Porsche 991 from TOPCAR

Work with Porsche cars is a strategic direction of TOPCAR tuning scene (www.top-car.ru). Design projects for Porsche Cayenne and Porsche Panamera from TOPCAR are well known around the world. And now, on the eve of Porsche 991 opening in Frankfurt, TOPCAR presents official drafts of our new model. It will be a wide-body of Porsche 991 version.

In the short run the tuning scene will breadboard and prepare production fitting-outs. TOPCAR works on drafts and design relying on high standards of motor manufacturers. Such careful approach takes time. That is why the first car will appear in March 2012.

Traditionally, all body elements will be made from carbon clothing and Kevlar. The usage of vacuum forming technologies in the production of such elements provides guarantee of perfect quality and high operational records.

An acknowledged German Company and a TOPCAR tuning scene partner - 9ff prepares the modification program of mechanical engineering assemblies of this car. The program includes higher engine capacity and suspension adjustment.

The future car will be completed with ultra light forged disks made by ADV.1 Wheels Company.

TOPCAR begins to accept orders on the future car.

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