2012 Toyota Camatte Concept


(from Toyota)

"The Camatte aims to convey the joy and dreams of motor vehicles to current and future drivers by providing an opportunity for parents and children to experience together the fun of driving, car customization,and car enthusiasm. A simple body structure has been adopted to spur interest in cars within families by providing an opportunity for parents and children to directly handle vehicle components.

"The pedals and seats can be positioned and adjusted to enable operation by a child. The interior features a trianglular seating arrangement with reduced distance between the single, center-positioned driver's seat and the two rear seats to emphasize family intimacy and emphasize parent-child communication, thus creating a fun space to enjoy driving.

"It takes about two hours to remove and replace the outer body, but it is not something that one person can do alone. In this effort, parents and childrens can work together and combine their strengths - and have fun!"

Kenji Tsuji
Product Planning Division

Serious Wheels