2012 Tushek Renovatio T5000


(from Renovatio Press Release)  TOP MARQUES MONACO


Tushek sports car team has spent many years carefully distilling hard earned road and race knowledge into perfect package called Renovatio T 500 - unique hand built supercar.

Renovatio T 500 incorporating the latest technology to target the result of being the fastest supercar on the circuit and lightest car with V8 engine which is capable of reaching 1,7 lateral G-force.

The Renovatio T500 utilizes cutting edge racing technology such as carbon brakes, AIM PISTA instrumentation, double wishbone remote internally mounted coil-overs and the latest FSI engine.
Aljosa Tusek as a race driver have long dreamed that he would be able to drive a road car that provide the real response, the turn in, traction and tactility that could be expected from a race car but could be usable every day.

Renovatio T500 has been engineered specifically to assured best handling, to achieve perfect communication with driver and is more communicative car than any you can find on the market now.
Timeless, beautifully proportioned dynamic design mixing aggressive elements, race styling and good aerodynamics results in wonderfully purposeful looks.

The new Tushek Renovatio T500 is going to be available in a very limited edition for only 30 customers individually tailored to the customer. It is much more than just a car it is originality and lifestyle.

Website: www.tushek.com

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