2012 Vilner BMW 5 Series F10


(from BMW Press Release)  Vilner Studio left its signature in BMW F10’s interior

  A car with energy, style and charisma.
  A man, who wants more personality.
  A studio that can do that.

The car is BMW F10. Perfect forms, perfect design and technical features. Interesting and functional interior. All a man could want. But what if you want something moreogon; What if you want personalityogon; What if you want your energy become one with the car’s energy and you cannot achieve this with the factory-made designogon;

The famous Bulgarian CSKA soccer player, Kostadin Stoyanov, likes his car but he wants more than BMW can offer.

He dreams of white interior and notable personality to match his own. The soccer player confided in Vilner Studio and entrusted his white (only on the outside) five to the studio.

Vilner remade the interior. It used white leather for the seats, panels and lower part of the dashboard and black Alcantara for the ceiling and seats interior. The leitmotif is a red strip, which is present on all key spots in the coupe, and is most pronounced in the gear lever and steering wheel. It is completely redesigned – it gained new more ergonomic design that matches the driving style of K. Stoyanov.

The result is one interior that approximates the interiors of concept car.

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