2012 Vilner Jeep Wrangler


(from Vilner Press Release)  VILNER’s nonchalant Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wrangler is an ATV, which is equally appreciated by its owners both during the cold winter days and during the summer heats, the reason for this definitely being not its luxury but its qualities.

Passing through the hands of the Bulgarian custom studio VILNER, however, the vehicle can now brag about its fully changed interior and a great number of additions on the exterior, which have lead to a much stylish image than the image of the series model.

For the completion of the interior of the modified Wrangler, some of the most expensive materials, offered for the time being, have been used, and no part has been missed. VILNER’s designers have combined black leather and light, Sahara-sands-colored, leather and the accent is made of material that imitates turtle shell. There are attractive details with brass glimmer, resembling hammered ironwork, as well as chromium-plated details.

The transformed Jeep Wrangler can also brag about its additional soundproofing of the coupe, and its exterior is equipped with brand new wheel rims and a great number of chromium-plated elements, some of which include the radiator grid, wing mirror lids, and door handles. VILNER has also equipped this ATV with crystal headlights and LED day lights.

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