2012 Vilner Nissan GT-R


(from Vilner Press Release)  The power of the dragon

Nissan GT-R ... Vilner - Inside Your Style ... A Chinese businessman with a
large car collection ... The Year of the Dragon.

With these elements Vilner developed and executed a project with no peers in this realm. The customer wanted a non-standardized execution of his racer, a car which didn’t distinguish up to this point from the other GTRs at the auto market. He placed his trust in Vilner - Inside of Your Style for the performance of the project. The studio decided to create an idea which aligns elements of a dragon - it is the year of the dragon, the customer is Asian, the car is exotic and sporty. The project was immediately approved and Vilner started working on the interior design. The designer drew a dragon, which was embroidered on the car’s roof, and in the trunk, which was covered with Alcantara. The body of the dragon was transmitted by embroideries inside, winding around the seats, and passing through the center console. The effect was reinforced by the relief effects resulting from the combination of leather and embroidery. Every single element of the dragon body was hand-drawn by the designer personally on a pattern inside. This is the only way the dragon in the GTR can be felt for real ... Vilner remained faithful to his own pure style, and used black as a base, combining it with black Alcantara and black carbon leather. In the same style is also the dashboard, the door panels and the black console. The red edges emphasize the shape of the seats and correspond with the dragon at the roof and the red decorative seams on the dashboard. The steering wheel and gear shifter are made of carbon; some minor details were painted in red chrome. The red elements are not random. Red is the original color of the car, which received a white mat foiling finish in addition. The exhaust pipes are made of titanium, and the original ones were increased from 440whp up to 530whp.

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