2012 Wheelsandmore Aston Martin DBS Carbon


(from Wheelsandmore Press Release)

Carbon wheels for Aston Martin DB9, DBS, Rapide

6Sporz² ultralight forged wheels full carbonlook for Aston Martin Vanquish, Virage, DB9, DBS, Rapide and One77


Fa: 9,0x20" wheels with tires 255/35/20 Dunlop / Conti / Pirelli
Ra: 11,0x20" wheels with tires 285/30/20 Dunlop / Conti / Pirelli

customized on request

Fa: 9,5x21" wheels with tires 265/30/21 Continental Sport Contact 5P
Ra: 12,0x21" wheels with tires 325/25/21 Continental Sport Contact 5P

customized on request

Exhaust / muffler for Aston Martin DBS & DB9

Valve controlled exhaust, with remote-controlled valve flaps for Aston Martin DB9 / DBS incl. Volante 4201 EURO/net

200 cells sportcatalysts, Obd compliant, around 25 hp extra for Aston Martin DB9 / DBS incl. Volante 2059 EURO/net

CRP-Tuning Kit for Aston Martin DB9 und DBS, contending:
Cat-replacement-kit, F1-airfilter-kit and valve controlled exhaust
power increasement: +40 hp / 90nm

6303 EURO excl. tax

You´re able to switch the valve flaps via remote-control anytime between 3 modes:

In the cruise mode the flaps stay close, unless the back pressure is overload by accelarating hard. Sport mode opens the flaps at a program-able point of rpm and in race mode the flaps are permanentely opened to provide a tremendous sound orgy. All exhaustsystems are crafted in Germany by hand and will be delivered with a detailed manual for installation. As nothing needs to be welded or cut, the installation is very comfortable.

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