2013 A Kahn Design Land Rover Defender 90 XSi


(from A Kahn Design Press Release) 2013 A Kahn Design Land Rover Defender 2.2 TDCI 90 XSi

Judging by the attention and press columns dedicated to the Chelsea Truck Company Defender, some would say it’s eye-catching whilst others would say it makes a definitive statement.

There is only one way to find out: allow Kahn News to take centre stage with a welcome opportunity to review the Kahn Land Rover Defender 2.2 TDCI 90 XSi Chelsea Wide Track.

Thanks to the Afzal Kahn touch, a resurgence in all things ‘Defender’ has ensured it is suddenly very fashionable to turn this mudslinging British vehicle into a fashion icon.

As with all Kahn automobiles, this particular vehicle has been subject to superlative workmanship. Don’t be deceived by the well-groomed silhouette, however, this archetypal Tamar Blue style icon now certainly lives up to its status.

Under the guise of the Kahn expedition Vehicles Umbrella – the Kahn Defender has been adorned with a brand new utilitarian and aggressive looking wide track arch kit which consists of front and rear wide wings with integrated vents and bolt apertures, front bumper, bonnet vents, fog lamps and headlamp grilles with stainless steel mesh.

What’s it like to Drive?

Answer: The car cruises on some cool 8x16 1948 Defend wheels in satin black (fitted with 235x85x16” tyres).

It takes just one look at the Kahn Evoque to guess the perceived elephant in the room: ride quality. How does a Defender running on these wheels cope on the road, then? Answer: much, much better on the open road, we are talking about a real city slicker here. However, Take it off road for a minute and you’ll be thrilled!

Back to the exterior styling - further enhancements by means of side vents with mesh stainless steel, crosshair military headlights, exterior Kahn prototype tailgate and wing blade logos, front bumper sump guard forged in aluminum, specially adapted mud flaps, exhaust shields and Chelsea Truck Company Spare Wheel Cover are fit for those out in the city and open road.

If you drive a Ferrari you will be dealt harshly by the jealous amongst us and will probably have to endure a tirade of insults. However, once you get into a Defender all you get is people wanting to take a photo of the car and one of the things we crave the most: RESPECT!


Those who claim the vehicle is loud: loud it is. Loud enough to obviate passenger chat, which is a good thing if you are sick to the back teeth of nonsensical spouse verbosity.

However, a multitude of improvements to the interior allow the driver to bask in the sheer opulence on offer: front sports GTB seats in quilted, perforated leather, single spoke steering wheel clad in leather, Churchill time clock fascia insert and rev counter fascia in red. The dashboard, instrument binnacle, rear door panel and handle are adorned with Harris Tweed. The vented foot pedals are finished in machined aluminium.

One of the things that sets A.Kahn Design apart from all the others is the ability to work with the customer to design and create a truly unique interior. The ability to put together a limitless palette of colours into the fabric, leather, trim pieces, and more, is something that makes your automobile special and uniquely yours.

The company philosophy is to always give the customer what they want, so Afzal Kahn could for example, design you a vehicle with a full colour change (to a colour of your choice) and an interior akin to, let’s say your favourite leather reclining chair in your living room. Customers could also change the colour of the clock, or indeed, ask for anything else.


So there you have it, changes to this vehicle are minimal to say the least, in most cases refinement by means of a minimalist approach results in a happy medium between customisation, luxury and design.

An attention seeking device first and a thoroughbred driving machine second – the Kahn Land Rover Defender 2.2 TDCI 90 XSi Chelsea Wide Track is, to put it rather simply: luscious from every single angle.

If you want a vehicle that not only fit your lifestyle and personality, but also make a statement, then this is it!

The bottom line is - by owning a Chelsea Truck Company Defender you earn people’s RESPECT!

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