2013 A Kahn Design Range Rover Vogue


(from A Kahn Design Press Release) Kahn Land Rover Range Rover 3.0 TDV6 Vogue Signature edition

What an adventure it would be to buy a car and choose a lifestyle to suit it, instead of the other way round: driving it to the most remote and the busiest areas and having it be just as adept in each.

The new Kahn Range Rover Vogue is possibly the finest way to circumnavigate the whole of our green and pleasant land. Since driving is in our blood, Kahn News takes this very welcome opportunity to review the Kahn Range Rover Vogue.


The Kahn Range Rover Vogue has the appeal of being able to do two things very well, which I’m sure you’ll agree is a rare commodity. Not only does the car have the ability to go off road with ease, when on the road, it has what it takes to be an excellent luxury car. This vehicle has the engineering required to make both happen with considerable aplomb.

This Kahn Range Rover Vogue is significant for other reasons. It has been described as the world’s first aluminium SUV. The change from steel has cut 350kg from the mass of the equivalent old model with the same engine. That is the same as removing the combined mass of five occupants of average European weight (or 4.3 Americans) from the car. This is a milestone in the manufacturer’s efforts to stop the death-spiral of ever increasing weight and complexity. Land Rover’s hand may have been forced by fierce new corporate-average economy and emissions legislation, but it’s really not possible to argue with the result: a lighter and stiffer car, vividly demonstrating the myriad virtues and benefits of this state of affairs.

Gliding on 9.5x22 RS600 wheels, the ride is just as fluid and luxurious as the car’s looks. The most interesting factor for many of you reading this is that the off-road ability of the vehicle remains absolutely un-compromised, hence it being seen as a luxury off-roader.

Grip and body control are actually better than in the standard car, meaning owners will gain a great deal of motoring supremacy. While the fundamental stuff of which it’s made has changed, this is still indisputably a Kahn Range Rover.


With design and engineering principles applied so consistently, there is nothing remotely utilitarian about it.

The castellated clamshell bonnet, the floating roof, the imposing front grille - manufactured using the very highest quality fibre glass. Brake calipers, fender accents and front and rear bumper accents ensure this vehicle doesn’t suffer from contrived styling and acts as a medium for the fulfillment of your automotive fantasies.

Furthermore, the panoramic glass sunroof allows the driver to bask in the rays of the sun whilst being cocooned in perforated leather interior in the colour of your choice.


The Range Rover Vogue’s sculpted seats accentuate the natural look and smoothness of the opulent quilted, perforated leather interior, highlighting true British craftsmanship found in the interior of this vehicle.

The display of this sumptuous interior will not present one with any practical drawbacks. One of the things that sets A.Kahn Design apart from all the others is the ability to work with the customer to design and create a truly unique interior to their own specifications and the very highest standards. The ability to put together a limitless palette of colours of fabric, leather, trim pieces and more, is something that makes your automobile special and uniquely yours.

The company philosophy is to always give the customer what they want, so Afzal Kahn could for example, design you a vehicle with a full colour change (to a colour of your choice) and an interior akin to, let’s say your favourite leather reclining chair in your living room. Customers could also change the colour of the clock, or indeed, ask for anything else.


We hope you’ll forgive some homer bias, but this is a British world beater.

Changes to this vehicle are minimal to say the least. This is certainly not an oversight on the part of A. Kahn Design. Yes, this vehicle was originally designed, engineered and built in the UK by a fantastic British firm, left largely unmolested by its Indian parent company.

However, this vehicle is a moving example of how enhancement by means of a minimalist approach results in a perfect synergistic fusion of luxury and design.

A pure-bred driving machine– the Kahn Vogue is, to put it rather simply: luscious from every single angle.

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