2013 delta4x4 Ford Ranger Kentros


(from delta4x4 press release)  The Ford Ranger delta4x4 Kentros

Envisage this; a small boy cross-legged on the living room floor entranced in a world of his own, surrounded by his favorite play toys, dinosaurs. The strong and mighty Kentrosaurus is the most powerful of the lot, his impressive form emblazoned with spikes make him seem fearless and invincible.

delta4x4, young at heart, had had this vision too. It took the quiet, low-key Ford Ranger and transformed it into a 2 meter monster. The Rangerīs excellent road handling is by no means comprised, but if there is a downside then it is that you need to be fit to jump into the driver`s seat.
delta4x4īs off road features include a ground clearance of in excess of 290mm and an impressive 36° driving slope angle (standard is 28°).

The „delta Kentros“collection kicks off with a 100mm body lift kit priced at 1.700€, a set of big wheels with off road tires from 2.500€. A front bar for 570€, and a styling bar for 590€ (both hand polished stainless steel). The sizable fender flares are on offer for 1.500€. Pricing of the complete „delta Kentros “starts at 45.000€.

For all queries concerning prices and technical data please contact delta4x4, 85235 Unterumbach,
Tel. +49 (0) 81 34/93 02-28, www.delta4x4.com or by email info@delta4x4.com

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