2013 FolienCenter-NRW Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG


(from FolienCenter-NRW Press Release) FolienCenter-NRW / SR-Performance, Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

“Matt Bond Gold“ – On Her Majesty’s Service

The interpretation of the Mercedes Benz C63 AMG T model as presented here has seen the pooling of technical competences in great demand. In the aftermath, the Car Wrapping specialists of FolienCenter-NRW from Haan tended to the perfect wrapping solution while the tuners of SR-Performance from Hilden were responsible for the adequate technical upgrade of the powerful AMG station wagon.

In its factory made status, the V8 engine of the C63 AMG lurking under the engine hood, utilizes a remarkable 457 horse power from its 6.2-liter engine displacement. Objectively, this is absolutely sufficient – but yet subject to upgrade without much problems. Using air filter inserts from BMC as well as Milltek racing catalytic converters with pre-catalytic converter replacement pipe and a complete reprogramming of the engine software, the technicians of SR performance boosted the power of the AMG steam hammer to a whopping 540 horse power and the maximum torque to a husky 665 Nm. There was a Bilstein B16 Pss 10 coilover kit and a set of high grade and super light BBS CH-R wheels to also facilitate the transformation of this brute power into proper propulsion. The latter rotate in the format 8.5x19 inches in the front with Continental Sport Contact 5 tires of the size 235/35R19 and in 9.5x19 inches in the rear with 265/30 R19 rollers.

FolienCenter-NRW is of course, responsible for the optical preparation of the AMG’s wrap. The car-wrapping experts endowed the bodywork with a perfectly worked complete wrapping in “Matt Bond Gold Metallic” from the PWF portfolio. This gorgeous wrap has the potential of becoming THE bestseller of the coming tuning season and is by the way, obtainable only from designated PWF partner companies. The roof, roof luggage rails and the door handles were wrapped in glossy black as contrast to the main color. Even the shadow line optics was “retrofitted” with glossy black wrapping. A little classical black paint was also used in this reconstruction work in spite of the generous wrapping, namely on the radiator cowling including the Mercedes star, the external mirrors and the covers around the fog lights.

All further facts as well as price and delivery information can be obtained directly from:

FolienCenter-NRW GmbH
Landstrasse 57
42781 Haan
Tel.: 0049 21 29 / 365 95 06
Email: info@foliencenter.de

SR Performance GmbH
Marie-Curie-Str. 8
40721 Hilden
Tel.: 0049 21 03 / 90 70 353
Email: info@sr-performance.com

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