2013 G-Power BMW M3 RS


(from G-Power Press Release)  The G-POWER aerodynamic program „RS“ – efficient, distinctive, elegant – enables the up to 720 hp strong G-POWER M3s to achieve their performance potential on the road and at the same time provides for a weight reduction

Sometimes less is even more. For example in regards of a car’s weight. Because less weight improves the performance of the BMW M3 and so provides more driving pleasure. With the G-POWER aerodynamic program “RS”, which is completely fabricated from Carbon fibre, one can make the BMW M3 lighter and therefore faster. At the same time the G-POWER “RS” Carbon parts increases the aerodynamic downforce and thus provides for even faster cornering speeds.

G-POWER aerodynamic program "RS" for BMW M3

  • Improved performance thanks to weight reduction
  • Enlarged aerodynamic downforce
  • Decreases the temperature in the engine bay
  • High fitting accuracy due to complete CAD design and production in OEM quality
  • Excellent product quality due to Carbon fibre material according to OEM standards

    G-POWER’s roots have their origin in motorsports. Already in the early eighties G-POWER tuned BMW 02 models were competing for top position in their category. Today G-POWER is still active in motorsports and competing in series like the Spezial-Tourenwagen-Trophy (STT) and the DMV Touring Car Championship (DMV TCC).

    The G-POWER aerodynamic program „RS“ has been designed based on the knowledge gained from G-POWER’s motorsports activities. The product launch has been preceded by extensive CAD engineering and intensive test driving on road and track.

    In the result G-POWER has created an aerodynamic package for the BMW M3 that contains a front spoiler, bonnet, boot lid and a rear wing. The G-POWER aerodynamic program „RS“ is manufactured from supremely light and highly strong Carbon fibre in a gas-proof autoclave. This method of manufacturing meets the OEM standards of the automobile industry and ensures perfect fitting just like a flawless surface structure. In doing so it has been possible to achieve a weight reduction of approx. 2,6 kg for the bonnet and approx. 8,1 kg for the boot lid.

    The G-POWER aerodynamic program "RS", made completely of Carbon fibre, not only reduces the vehicle weight, but also increases the aerodynamic downforce. To be specific, the Carbon front spoiler generates more downforce on the front axle, while the Carbon fibre boot lid incl. tear-off edge increases the downforce on the rear axle. Additional downforce for the rear axle can be generated by a 3-piece and 4-times adjustable Carbon rear wing that can be altered for racing or street purpose. Optionally the G-POWER Carbon boot lit can be fitted with the factory rear wing from the BMW M3 GTS.

    The G-POWER aerodynamic program “RS” is rounded off with a special bonnet, which of course cannot increase the downforce, but still is not without function. The starting point for the development of the G-POWER VENTURI bonnet was the technical necessity to remove heat from the engine compartment of the uprated engines as quickly as possible. Otherwise a loss of performance can happen, since the ECU (electronic control unite) makes use of diagrams with reduced degrees of ignition when a fixed temperature limit is reached, in order to safeguard the engine. The "DYNAMIC VENTING" Technology of the G-POWER VENTURI hood vents the engine compartment dynamically, allowing the otherwise untapped performance potential to be achieved with no additional thermal stress. Performance enhancement cannot be supported more efficiently.

    And in terms of output enhancement G-POWER can offer a broad variety of supercharger systems for the BMW M3. Next to the newly introduced TU supercharger systems with the performance levels SK I “Sporty Drive” TU with 520 hp, SK II “Sporty Drive” TU with 580 hp and the SK II CS “Sporty Drive” TU version with 610 hp, the 720 hp strong G-POWER SK III “Sporty Drive” supercharger system marks the output maximum. This configuration level of the G-POWER supercharger system features an ASA T1-723 supercharger and a displacement enhancement from 4.0l to 4.6l and thus achieves a massive output enhancement of 300 hp based on the standard output of the BMW M3 of already 420 hp.

    The G-POWER aerodynamic program „RS“ for the BMW M3 costs in detail: EUR 1,800.00 (net) for the G-POWER “RS” front spoiler, EUR 3,600.00 (net) for the G-POWER “VENTURI” bonnet, EUR 3,300.00 (net) for the G-POWER “RS” boot lid and EUR 1,850.00 (net) for the G-POWER “RS” rear wing. Entry into the world of G-POWER supercharger systems starts at EUR 11,500.00 (net) for the installation-ready SK I “Sporty Drive” TU supercharger system and ends with the SK III “Sporty Drive” supercharger system incl. displacement enhancement with EUR 41,650.00 (net) . All prices are exclude installation.

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