2013 Hamann Soltador

Exterior Details

(from Hamann Press Release) HAMANN "SOLTADOR" limited-edition custom bike

That the HAMANN-Motorsport team completely understands how to refine fourwheeled vehicles has been demonstrated very clearly by them in almost 30 years of automobile tuning. With the HAMANN "SOLTADOR" custom bike which HAMANN are presenting at the 83rd International Motor Show in Geneva (Hall 4, Stand 4233), the first time for a washable custom bike.

The finest components, and typical HAMANN design elements adorn the imposing figure of the Cruiser: Frame, rocker, air filter, exhaust and, in particular, the rims of the HAMANN "Anodized" Race Edition in XXL size unmistakably show the hand of the specialists from the southern German town of Laupheim near Ulm. The airbrushs (“paint & airbrush by Marcus Pfeil Custompainting, Austria”) applied at customer request with motifs from Porsche's history remain custom-made, though. But the bike will also only make a handful of bikers happy. HAMANN will limit their production of two-wheelers manufactured to the highest standards of craftsmanship to five copies.

The custom bike will be driven by a powerful 1900ccm² (series:1590ccm²) displacement Harley-Davidson Twin Cam B engine. Thanks to the finely machined channels, valves and valve seats the large volume two-cylinder engine will distribute a full 160 hp to the rear tyres in the 18 inch XXL size. This accelerates the 290 kg bike to 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds.

HAMANN-Motorsport has been refining exclusive automobile brands such as McLaren, Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Range Rover since 1986. HAMANN is synonymous with production at the highest technical level, in conjunction with masterful workmanship and the finest materials. Harmoniously designed aerodynamic details, ultra-light aluminium rims and powerful engine performance increases form the basis of HAMANN's technology program. High-quality accessories and stylish interiors complement the range. In their 10,000 square metre workshop HAMANN develop and manufacture in accordance with the strictest ISO quality standards. Every HAMANN automobile and tuning part always undergoes extensive testing to guarantee quality and reliability. The highest maxim of all activities around drive and design is maximum quality in development and production. And of course, as suits manufacturing, in hand-finished craftsmanship.

Today, with more than 24 employees HAMANN meets almost every automotive desire of its exclusive clientèle. In Germany and from selected distribution partners worldwide.

Technical benchmark data:

Tyres:< /br> front : 130 /60/18"< /br> rear : 280/35/18"

Rims:< /br> Front : 4.5 x 18" HAMANN "Anodized" Race Edition< /br> Rear : 10 x 18" HAMANN "Anodized" Race Edition

Engine:< /br> Harley Davidson Twin Cam B engine< /br> Finely machined cylinder heads and valves.< /br> 60mm throttle valve body (series 38mm),< /br> Performance camshafts with 585 valve stroke,< /br> New engine characteristics with Thundermaxx EFI engine control unit,< /br> HAMANN "Race" air filter< /br> Displacement: 1900 ccm< /br> Power: 160 hp at 2380 rpm< /br> Gearbox: Harley Davidson 6 gear< /br> Primary drive: NH Power Belt drive< /br> Exhaust system: HAMANN “Race”

Bodywork:< /br> Frame: HAMANN Race Edition< /br> Paintwork: “paint & airbrush by MARCUS PFEIL CUSTOMPAINTING, Austria”< /br> Suspension: Airride system, RS forks with integrated handlebar, "Race" single-sided swing arm 24 carat motor screws, Motogadget mini tachometer, HAMANN "Race" footrest system, Glow headlights

Weight:< /br> approx. 305 kg fully fuelled< /br> Acceleration:< /br> 0-100 in 3.3 s< /br> V/max:< /br> sufficient< /br> Price:< /br> 120,000 EUR

For more information about the extensive HAMANN programme, please visit the web site www.HAMANN-MOTORSPORT.com

Address:< /br> HAMANN GmbH< /br> Kässbohrerstrasse 3< /br> D-88471 Laupheim< /br> Tel. +49 (0)7392 / 9 73 20< /br> Fax +49 (0)7392 / 9 73 22 22< /br> E-mail: info@hamann-motorsport.com

Kässbohrerstrasse 3
D-88471 Laupheim
Tel. +49 (0)7392 / 9 73 20
Fax +49 (0)7392 / 9 73 22 22
E-mail: info@hamann-motorsport.com

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