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(from Jordi Miranda Press Release) Spoilt for choice – KIA SPORTAGE by KTW Tuning

After the fundamental decision was made in favor of Kia Sportage – according to the Euro NCAP crash test of November 2010 the most secure vehicle of its class – immediately the question follows: Gasoline or diesel? The next question is not far away: Serial car or tuned one? The Hildesheim KTW Tuning offers these vehicles with gas and with diesel engines in serial, as well as in tuned versions. By the way, Kia Sportage as serial car is offered by KTW Tuning incl. VAT beginning already at 16,900 Euro.

In the following, we will present one gasoline and one diesel engine car, both “tuned”, not only because of the fact that they make a surprising impression. The gasoline car as Edition Desperados 1.6 GDI (in-house created special model, presenting the Sportage in a luscious and precious way) with 135 PS (99 kW), aircon, 6-speed gearbox and rich equipment, including the remarkable carbon seat heating for driver and co-driver, for which the KTW Tuning team has furnished also the backrests with heating mats, is offered in tuned version for 21,982 Euro incl. documented VAT. The made by the KTW team very tastefully and very professionally car tuning contains the following detailed positions: 20” alloy wheels in black and many other colors with tires in 255/30ZR20. Money can't buy the retrofitted this way seat heating even in case of three times dearer cars, and also the in this case black, but available also in many other colors car top wrapping and the black foiling of the side and rear windows. The above mentioned complete price contains also the rim slots, the removable trailer coupling, the darkly tinted rear taillights and the airbag for driver and co-driver.

For comparison, the front driven diesel, a 1.7 CRD, available also as Edition Desperados, with 116 PS (85 kW), aircon, 6-speeds and no less sumptuous equipment, will cost in the present state 20,915 Euro incl. documented VAT. However, there are to be added another 1,900 Euro incl. VAT for the removable trailer coupling with MOT approved 2,600 kgs of towing capacity and 799 Euro incl. VAT for the refitting of the carbon seat heating for driver and co-driver. The complete price includes the airbag for the driver and a (defeatable) airbag for the co-driver, and ABS.

Those, who don't want to have all the above mentioned singular positions, have only to take the correspondent serial car, making a refitting of the one or the other wished options, in order to materialize this way their own dream car. Without any doubts, both of the above presented Desperados are playing in the upper eye catching league, but they are affordable, nevertheless, thanks to KTW Tuning.

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