2013 Leib Engineering BMW 1er M Coupe


(from Leib Engineering Press Release) BMW 1er M Coupé

Grey Bullett

After LEIB Engineering, the tuners from Giessen, demonstrated impressively that efficient suction tuning is not a relic from the past and also quite interesting for current motor generations with their M3 GT500 and E92 GT300 project vehicles in the last few months, Dominik Leib and his team now emphasize that they are perfectly capable in the area of performance and sound optimisation of charged vehicles as well by tackling the 1 series M Coupé.

It is known that the muscular special one's cowl hides the strongest development stage of the N54B30 serial six-piston engine. It was already legendary during its lifetime. With its forced respiration by two exhaust turbochargers, it develops a remarkable 340 PS even in the serial condition. LEIB Engineering subjected the biturbo drive to another performance increase after which the datasheet shows a full 400 PS. LEIB also moderately increased its torque: Instead of the serial 450 Nm (500 Nm with overboost), the unit now puts a powerful 560 Nm on the crankshaft, even at the lower end of the speed range to warrant plenty of pressure on its back!

The power increase is also essentially supported by optimisation of the motor indices and the LEIB Engineering flap exhaust system (made by Supersprint), which is constructed to prevent power loss with the exhaust flap closed. The exhaust's voice ranges from a hum to an awe-inspiring roar. LEIB Engineering programmed the flap position control to the M-button in the multifunction sports steering wheel. The software was also optimised to remove the electronic Vmax limit, so that the Turbo-Coupé may convert its newly gained power into thrust as well – a speed of up to 306 km/h can now be reached. There's even more to it: In its largest development, LEIB Engineering increased the N54B30's output to more than 500 PS and 600 Nm with larger chargers, a suction system with a larger cross-section and completely revised cooling and exhaust packages.

The Swiss LEIB customer had his vehicle customised visually as well: Originally painted a bright Valencia orange, the vehicle received an elaborate full foil cover in a matte grey into which a chequered plate look and the logos of the companies involved with the project were integrated three-dimensionally by streetworkz customz from Mörschwil. The BMW Performance carbon rear spoiler trunk lid was also partially covered with foil, while the Alpha-N tail diffusor one level lower clearly exhibits a light-weight but high-strength high-tech composite with its characteristic shimmer. The extended wheel arches of the masculine 1M are filled well by the 10x20-inch Bavaria BC5 Concave wheels with Yokohama Advan sports tyres 255/30R20 at the front and 275/30R20 at the rear axle. Matching the installed Bilstein B16 Pss10 threaded chassis, the single-part light-metal wheel rims are powder-coated in a noticeable baby blue.

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