2013 Leib Engineering BMW E92 GT 300

Exterior Details

(from Leib Engineering Press Release) Little brother with mighty punch!

Having attracted abundant public attention in the past weeks with the premiering of the Clubsport bolide “M3 GT 500”, the young tuning company “Leib Engineering” from Giessen has been taken one step further by its Managing Director Dominik Leib and his team. Even though the E92 GT 300 that was produced on the basis of a 325i does not run quite as fast as its bigger V8 brother, it hardly looks less dynamic, it is enormously less cost-intensive and can be obtained optionally even in an all-wheel drive.

The vehicle shown here is thus able to transfer its power to the road surface through all four wheels – and this was massively boosted by Leib Engineering in its capacity as specialist for efficient suction tuning. Leib Engineering indeed revived the free-sucking N53B30 serial six-cylinder engine (series: 218 Horse Power) with an additional capacity of 77 Horse Power by modifying the suction manifold as well as correspondingly modifying the engine software. The exhaust system that combines front pipes and a middle silencer from Supersprint and a 330i performance rear silencer with valve control, whose sound can be switched from "mild" to "wild" using a push button on the M-multifunction steering wheel adds another 15 Horse Power. All-in-all, the Leib’s E92 GT 300 imposes a good 310 Horse Power on the road surface thus threatening the supremacy of even the popular turbo brother 335i. The transmissions of the 6-level automatic gear system are changed to the black anodized Leib Engineering shift paddles with a short stroke, which are optimally accessible while the fingers are in firm grip of the thick steering wheel rim.

The fact that Leib Engineering has precisely thought through the overall concept of the E92 GT 300 is also underscored by the installation of a snappy and firm BMW performance brake system with strong-acting 6-piston callipers and 338 millimetre rotor disks on the front as well as 2-piston callipers and 324-sized rotor disks on the rear axle.

Thanks to its compression and rebound damping that are separate and independently adjustable, the KW coilover kit of variation 3 with which the E92 GT 300 is also fitted is very popular amongst ambitious pilots. The full road handling is finally perfected by a rim/wheel combination of the 8.5x19 and 9.5x19 inch BBS CH-R light alloy wheels and Pirelli P Zero high-performance tyres of the dimensions 235/35R19 and 275/30R19, which also strongly contribute to the impressive form of the pearl white coupé and fittingly underscore the sporty looks.

Indeed, the fact that the bodywork of Leib‘s E92 GT 300 as opposed to the serially produced version was modified “only” with a spoiler blade made of carbon produced by the company Kerscher Tuning and a BMW performance rear diffuser in black-matt is hardly believable in the face of its extremely dynamic performance.

All other facts as well as price and delivery information can be obtained directly from:

Leib Engineering GbR
Leimenkauter Weg 61
35398 Giessen
Tel.: 06 41 / 131 32 21-0
Fax. 06 41 / 13 13 221-9
Email: info@leib-engineering.de

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