2013 mcchip-dkr Mercedes-Benz SLS 63 AMG MC700


(from mcchip-dkr Press Release) MC700

Up to 706 HP and 793 Nm are possible!

The wish „to give a further boost” for Mercedes-Benz SLS 63 AMG almost seems to be lese majesty. Thankfully, there are still always bright heads, which are able to persuade experts, such as current top dog of the Mercedes-Benz-portfolio, namely the noble SLS 63 AMG. This car is considered to be THE undisputed synonym for luxurious sportiness. Thus, the MCCHIP-DKR team in Mechernich-Obergartzem, under the proven supervision of Danny KUBASIK, has once again succeeded in making red applications to perfectly fit at this matt grey colored car. The upcoming luxury segment sports car will be at home on the „red carpet“ and on the race tracks asphalt.

It is possible to elicit only moderate performance from both spectacular gull wing doors as well as in „airy“ roadster installed, AMG-internal M 159 called high-rev V8-engine of SLS 63 AMG – which 6,2 liter engine generates 571 HP (420 kW) and maximum torque of 650 Nm with pure electronic tuning. It is pretty reasonable for the technicians from the NorthEifel, who specializes in such power-upgrades, to create another supercharger kit-program „Stage 2“ for the sleek Stuttgart-based car. This part has an in-house description “MC700”, which is also available in two versions.

Stage one of the upgrade, which is operated by means of mechanically driven compressor, comes along in addition to a pure compressor-kit, as for Stage 3-Software-Upgrade it comes with a high-end-exhaust system together with a valve control system. The aforementioned Upgrade is, on the one hand, inevitably enhancing in terms of efficiency and, on the other hand, comes from CAPRISTO Exhaust Systems based in Sundern, which acts as the project partner. The result of engine-surgical operation does not hide 680 HP (500 kW) or 770 Nm of maximum torque, on the contrary. For the MCCHIP upgrade you will get an invoice on 69.900 Euros for the first MC700-expansion stage.

Through sports catalytic converters and further aggravated software named Stage 4, finally comes the most aggressive version, exclusively for export (stage two). In this case the car features 706 HP (519 kW) and 793 Nm max. torque which are at full disposal for additional 9.099 Euros. By the way: MCCHIP requires from five to seven working days for both performance levels.

DDC- or HLS 4-sports chassis (hydraulically controlled) manufactured by KW, raises SLS AMG as required on both axles up to standard level, remaining all comfort and dynamic driving features of AMG RIDE CONTROL sports chassis! The complete sports chassis, including installation, is worth 12.999 Euros.

Additionally to this a complete matt/grey foliation is added, the pure foliation costs up to 5.999 Euros at CoverEFX!

You can find more detailed information about this SLS directly at
mcchip-dkr GmbH & Co.KG
Danny KUBASIK Managing Director
Christian-Schlömer-Ring 16
53894 Mechernich (-Obergartzem)
Telephone 0 22 56 / 95 69 69

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