2013 Ok Chiptuning Audi R8 Phantom Black Panther

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Mid-engine sports car Audi R8, available as Coupé and Spyder, whose name is originated from successful Le-Mans-racing prototype Audi R8, is produced by Quattro GmbH in manufacture-like production at the Audi-plant Neckarsulm. After presentation of the first study named Le Mans Quattro at the IAA 2003, the street version of the race car was represented to the thrilled audience in September 2006.

Since 2004 OK-Chiptuning based in Neukirchen-Vluyn is at the start. In 2008, one has greatly adopted the technology for increase in performance, engine tuning, OBD tuning, characteristic diagram and/or control unit optimization as well as diesel or also turbo tuning, by the way, changed from “garage” in his own workshop classically. „Chiptuning“ is unfortunately often used as a generic term for fast tuning. This does not correspond to the facts. Chiptuning is a high-tech method, which offers better performance at very reasonable prices. Exactly according to this premise OK-Chiptuning has selected R8 V10 R, year of manufacture 2010, in order to upgrade it visually, and particularly in terms of performance.

The following modifications have been implemented on R8, initially in phantom black metallic: the carbon-front lip and rear diffuser, also from this same material, as well as the taillights, which originate from the R8 GT. In addition, the radiator grill is painted in carriage colour. And KW-thread springs with „magnetic ride“are able to adapt within seconds their hardness in fractions through a magnetic field of the current driving situation.

The focus of OK-Chiptuning is quite deliberately directed at engine and gear box, as well as the associated software. The engine develops 525 hp (= 382 kW) and generate 530 Nm torque as standard. However, presented here Software- optimized version of the Audi R8 V10 puts together all its expertise 620 hp (= 456 kW) and 570 Nm. In this constellation and with the support of flaps exhaust system the mid-engine-Audi lies down the sprint from 100 to 200 km/h due to OK-Chiptuning in just 6.9 seconds. And software optimization of R tronic made by the professional team of Kai Uwe OTTLINGHAUS involves again a significant reduction of switching times.

The motivation to make a good thing even better and/or more powerful encourages young, innovative tuner daily and brings amazing results.

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