2013 RENM Lamborghini Gallardo STS 700


(from RENM Press Release)   RENM performance Gallardo STS-700

The line between race and street car has never been so close!

RENM performance has officially released their Lamborghini Gallardo STS-700. Based on Lamborghini’s most extreme Gallardo to-date, the Super Trofeo Stradale, RENM’s STS-700 is the closest thing to a Blancpain Super Trofeo race car for the road.

The Gallardo STS-700 demonstrates RENM ’s capacity for concept design and development at the highest levels. The key ingredients inside our latest project emphasize our core company philosophy of enhancing and upgrading road-legal sports cars to the highest standards in performance tuning and design.

Key highlights of the RENM Gallardo STS-700 program include a number of carefully selected components and enhancements, which provide the ultimate driving and racing capabilities requested by the owner:

  • Aerodynamic carbon fiber body kit;
  • Increased engine output to 700 PS;
  • Valve-controlled titanium exhaust system;
  • Chassis and suspension improvements;
  • Magnesium race wheels with race tyres;
  • Carbon ceramic brake kit;
  • Light-weight race seats in Alcantara;
  • Roll cage, harness and seat belts.

    “The STS-700 accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds and reaches a top speed over 330 km/h”, says Neil Meka, CEO, RENM performance. “However, improved driving dynamics and track performance are the main advantages. Significant reductions in lap times were recorded throughout the vehicle’s development.”

    The Super Trofeo race-series aerodynamic body kit features replacement body parts made from lightweight carbon fiber composites, all contributing to significant weight savings, reduced drag, increased down force, improved air-flow, and improved engine and brake cooling.

    The engine is designed to be reliable and highly responsive, producing 700 PS at 8,500 rpm. The upgrades include titanium connecting rods, custom billet pistons and crankshaft with raised compression ratio. Custom billet camshafts, larger titanium inlet, exhaust valves, exhaust ports, manifold and combustion chambers are supplemented with fuel injector, oil and secondary cooling upgrades.

    A specially adapted race and road specification valve-controlled titanium exhaust system is used in the STS-700. The highly efficient exhaust system decreases back pressure, improves flow rate while reducing weight from 30 kg to 11 kg, a weight loss of 63 percent.

    The extensive chassis and suspension modifications include a wider wheel track, Ohlins three-way fully adjustable dampers suitable for both race and road use, adjustable front anti-roll bar and wishbone suspension links. All suspension upgrades remain compatible with the OEM front height adjuster.
    An upgraded carbon ceramic brake kit is calibrated for optimal response and performance. Using higher friction brakes pads, the brake configuration reduces weight in rotating masses. Revised cooling chambers and air flow inlets eliminate all brake fading.

    The matte black finish accentuates the dark red race exterior. Black and red also dominate the interior which is composed of Alcantara and carbon fiber elements, including lightweight race seats in matching alcantara. Interior upgrades include modified gear shifters, customized roll cage with four-point harness, seat belts and fire extinguisher.

    “The improved power-to-weight ratio, extensive upgrades and high-grade performance components has dramatically improved the driving experience both on and off the track,“ states the Brazilian owner of the STS-700.

    The Gallardo STS-700 demonstrates RENM’s capacity to develop a comprehensive and integrated program for the Super Trofeo Stradale, one that raises performance and vehicle dynamics to an entirely new level.

    For more information on the RENM Gallardo STS-700, visit RENM performance at

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