2013 TechArt Porsche Cayenne Turbo Magnum


(from TechArt Press Release) TECHART Magnum based on Porsche Cayenne Turbo

TECHART Automobildesign presented its interpretation of the Porsche Cayenne Turbo at the 83rd Geneva Motor Show from March 5th to 17th 2013. The successful TECHART Magnum model, which is based on the Porsche Cayenne Turbo and registers 660 horsepower and speeds of up to 305 km/h, presents itself to the world for the first time with a special space grey paint together with a matching TECHART de Sede of Switzerland Classic leather interior, and 23-inch TECHART Formula II GTR wheels in gloss black with a matt meteor grey rim.


The TECHART Magnum Aerodynamics Package for the Porsche Cayenne models pays equal heed to both aesthetic and technical requirements. Manufactured solely from high-quality, resilient polyurethane RIM, it ensures the very best engine compartment cooling, intercooling and brake cooling. The front spoiler, with its large air inlets and cooling air ducts, guarantees the best possible flow from the braking system and intercooler. The TECHART carbon-fibre aero engine hood features air outlets to achieve an optimum heat balance in the engine compartment and gives the Porsche Cayenne Turbo's 4.8 I V8 bi-turbo engine enough oxygen to breathe. As far as the look is concerned, the TECHART daytime running lights system and an additional xenon twin headlights unit (including fog lights and high beam lights) lend the Magnum a striking face. In addition, side skirts and wheel arch extensions give the car an extra 92 mm width over the standard series model. In combination with the TECHART roof spoiler, the three-part tail lamp panel with an integrated spoiler lip creates a characteristic highlight. Unique detail: an integrated reflector generates a noticeably more dynamic shape for the tail lights. The TECHART rear apron with diffuser and TECHART sport exhaust system with twin, oval sport exhausts complete the exterior of the Magnum. The TECHART sport air suspension system, which is an optional extra, enhances driving dynamics by lowering the vehicle when at the normal level and providing an additional speed-dependent low level.

Proven and tested TECHART design continues in the original TECHART wheels for Porsche Cayenne models. It doesn't matter which of the three wheel designs the customer chooses; besides attractive standard colour variations, all wheels can be individually customised to suit the vehicle in question. As far as the TECHART Magnum range is concerned, the TECHART Formula light-alloy wheel is available in 20 to 23 inches, the TECHART Formula II light-alloy wheel in 22 and 23 inches, and the TECHART Formula III forged wheel in 21 and 22 inches.

New: Light-alloy wheel variant of the Formula II GTR as well as the forged wheel variant of the Formula III with a ceramic coating.


The Magnum range knows how to impress when it comes to looking under the TECHART aero-bonnet too. The TECHART engine styling package, with carbon fibre cylinder head covers, embossed TECHART lettering, carbon engine cover to the front and flash red accents, demonstrates the power of the vehicle before the engine is even turned on. Activated via the series-standard sport button on the central console, the finely-tuned TECHTRONIC engine management system together with the performance kit TA 058/T2 allows the overall power of the Porsche Cayenne Turbo's 4.8 l bi-turbo motor to be increased from 368 to 486 kW (500 to 600 horsepower), the maximum torque from 700 to 880 Nm, and the maximum speed from the series-standard 278 to 305 km/h. The intelligent control technology, which is quick and easy to install, impresses with its fully electronic protective functions and the vehicle's service and diagnostic capabilities which remain complete. The clear demand that TECHART has for original equipment quality is manifested in a guarantee for engine and transmission defects in line with the TECHTRONIC guarantee conditions, as well as the two-year warranty.


The TECHART exclusive full-leather trim “de Sede of Switzerland Classic”, including single rear seats with comfort upholstery and supplementary leather pillows in the rear, is complemented by the interior styling packages I and II, both in carbon fibre graphite grey, and by the red decorative stitching. The TECHART 3-spoke multifunctional sports steering wheel made from leather and carbon with TECHART shift paddles in Galvano silver matches the look. In-house manufacturing with careful and precise handiwork ensures complete satisfaction. The TECHART W2 entertainment package, which features two screens integrated into the front headrests as well as the central console unit to increase the storage space in the back with a 12-volt plug, an integrated cupholder and an integrated cool box, can be ordered on request.

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