2013 Terrafugia Transition

Car To Plane

(from Terrafugia Press Release) The Transition

The Transition® brings a new level of freedom, flexibility, and fun to personal aviation by combining driving and flying in one state-of-the-art vehicle. Glass cockpit avionics, carbon fiber construction, and innovative mechanisms make the Transition® easy and fun to fly, drive, and convert. A steering wheel and gas and brake pedals on the ground make it familiar to drive while a stick and rudder pedals provide responsive control in flight.

By being able to land and drive, not only is the "last mile problem" solved but inclement weather will no longer stop your trip. Running on premium unleaded automotive gasoline, the same engine powers the propeller in flight or the rear wheels on the ground. Converting between flight and drive modes is comparable to putting down the top on your convertible and you can keep the Transition® at home in the garage: flying has never been so convenient!

Cruise Speed, Vc:100 mph (160 km/h)
Range:410 mi (660 km) plus 30 min. reserve
Takeoff Roll:1700 ft (518 m) over 50 ft obstacle
Useful Load:500 lbs (227 kg)
Fuel Burn at Cruise:5 gph (18.9 L/h)
Useable Fuel:23 gal (87 L)
Mileage on Road:35 mpg (6.7 L / 100 km)

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