2013 Toyota JPN Taxi Concept

Interior Details

(from Toyota Press Release) JPN Taxi Concept

A next-generation taxi concept car created with Japanese hospitality in mind, the JPN Taxi Concept aims to enliven city streets.

The JPN Taxi Concept offers ease of ingress and egress and a comfortable interior space with a body size that allows for outstanding maneuverability. The large electrically operated doors and low, flat floor enable passengers to board and exit in comfort, particularly children and seniors. The open, roomy interior has been designed to ensure ease-of-use at all times.

The JPN Taxi Concept uses a new, economical liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) hybrid system with excellent environmental performance optimized for taxi driving patterns.

The design features familiar taxi proportions, with an electrically operated sliding door on the passenger-seat side. The display panel and lamps were selected with visibility and safety in mind.

The interior design conveys hospitality, placing priority on universal design principles and modern expression. A large monitor provides information to passengers, such as the route to the destination and taxi fares. Air conditioning and lighting have also been optimized to provide the most comfortable space possible. For the driver, there are specially designed instruments and gauges for taxi use.

The vehicle has been created in line with the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism’s promotion of barrier-free buses and taxis tailored to regional needs.

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