2013 Toyota Noah and Voxy Concepts

Noah Concept
Voxy Concept

(from Toyota Press Release) Voxy Concept and Noah Concept

The Voxy and Noah concepts are next-generation spacious minivans that provide the roomy interior needed by families and integrate higher levels of fun, utility and fuel economy. A new, low-floor package creates a class-leading roomy interior with outstanding ease of ingress and egress. These seven-seater vehicles feature ultra-long sliding Captain Seats1 in the second row, a first for its class, providing a diverse range of seating arrangements.

A 2.0-liter gasoline engine variant and a 1.8-liter hybrid variant with a class-first full hybrid system have been created for both the Voxy Concept and the Noah Concept. Optimal placement of the hybrid battery makes it possible to maintain the spacious utility of a minivan and achieve exceptional class-leading fuel efficiency and cruising ranges.

The vehicles share “emotional space” as their design concept, and the vehicle bodies convey the roominess of the interior even from the outside. Both vehicles create distinct and alluring impressions. The front view of the Noah Concept presents sophistication as a compact minivan, while the Voxy Concept employs exclusive aerodynamic parts to emphasize the low center of gravity, impressive wide-body, and the overwhelming sense of presence.

Welcab2 versions of the Noah and Voxyconcepts are equipped with a forward ramp and custom installed seat for wheelchair users. The two concepts propose a new style of Welcab that can be used as an ordinary vehicle in situations where a wheelchair is not needed. To facilitate comfortable wheelchair mobility, the concepts are compatible with a variety of wheelchairs, including one Toyota is developing with a tilt-down mechanism.

Market versions of the Noah and Voxy concepts are scheduled for launch in the Japanese market in early 2014.

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