2013 Tuningwerk BMW M135i

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(from Jordi Miranda Press Release) The TUNINGWERK M135i VERSION

The top model of the recent BMW 1 series, the M135i with its exhaust gas turbo charged straight-six-engine, offers a quite excellent optimization starting basis for track day and street. Thus, nevertheless, sounds the credo of the Bavarian TUNINGWERK GmbH at Puchheim, west of Munich.

To take the relatively unspectacularly looking gray BMW M135i for a gray mouse could be a fatal error. Oftentimes, starting point no. 1 is the factory-set software, so also in this case. Moreover, the engine of the test car (with manual gear) is equipped by a two kgs lighter dual mass flywheel. Optionally, there is also available a single mass flywheel with about 4,5 kgs of weight economy and, also, a reinforced clutch. Both of these options are not possible for automatic gears.

Moreover, there are a modified turbo charger and an enlarged intercooler in function. On the left in the engine compartment has been installed an additional water cooler. The Puchheim experts have integrated a down pipe with 200 cells cat into the exhaust system, what is not serial, too. Depending on modification or configuration level, it is possible to reach an output of 360 to 450 PS (265 to 331 kW).

For aims of better driving dynamics, the TUNINGWERK masters have inbuilt triple adjustable KW Clubsport suspensions and also a limited slip differential on the rear axle. The front axle has been equipped by 245/40R18 and the rear axle by 265/35R18 Dunlop Direzza semi slicks having caused a lightly wings pull out. Additionally, there has been installed a BMW performance braking system with TUNINGWERK racing brake pads and steel flex pipes. The warm state braking values reach incredible 33 meters (about 100 ft.).

The interior design underlines the sportive ambitions of the TUNINGWERK M135i. Thanks to its adjusting opportunities, the Recaro pole position seats with in-house seat foundation allow also very big drivers to drive with hardhat. Optionally, a driver's cage is also available.

During the first test drives on the Hockenheim GP course the „little sportsman“ made by TUNINGWERK has reached a remarkable 1:58 lap time.

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