2013 Ultima GTR 720


(from Ultima Press Release)

Which sports car manufacturer produces the quickest road going vehicle is always a hotly debated worldwide topic.

Here at Ultima Sports Ltd we are confident we hold this title as we possess a greater range of officially recorded world beating performance statistics for the Ultima GTR720 with documented GPS and video evidence than any other sports car manufacturer in history:

0-60mph 2.6 secs
0-100mph 5.3 secs
0-150mph 11.8 secs
30-70mph 1.8 secs
0-100mph-0 9.4 secs
100mph-0 Braking 3.6 secs
Skidpad (200ft diameter circle) 1.176 g

Top Speed 231mph (Gearing Limited)
Standing 1/4 mile 9.9 secs @ 143mph terminal

Top Gear Lap- 1min12.8secs

(All tests recorded on road tyres using a standard Ultima GTR720 and verified
by an official from Datron Technology (Guinness World Records timekeepers)
using Microsat GPS equipment)

Furthermore the Ultima is a practical and relatively affordable road going supercar with air conditioning, stereo system, luggage containers, roof and ample ground clearance to name a few items.

This in car video lap record around the top gear track nicely demonstrates how all the above performance statistics combine together to produce an unbeatable overall package:



Ultima GTR 1.12.8
Ariel Atom V8 1.15.1
McLarenMP4-12C 1.16.2
Lamborghini Aventador 1.16.5
Bugatti Veyron SS 1.16.8
Gumpert Apollo 1.17.1
Ascari A10 1.17.3
Koenigsegg CCX 1.17.6
Noble M600 1.17.7
Pagani Zonda F Roadster 1.17.7
Caterham R500 1.17.9
Bugatti Veyron 1.18.3
Pagani Zonda F 1.18.4
Maserati MC12 1.18.9
Ferrari Enzo 1.19.0
Lamborghini LP670 SV 1.19.0
Ferrari 458 1.19.1
Ariel Atom 1.19.5
Lamborghini LP560 1.19.5
Ferrari Scuderia 1.19.7
Nissan GT-R 1.19.7
Ferrari GTO 1.19.8
Lamborghini LP640 1.19.8
Porsche Carerra GT 1.19.8
Koenigsegg CCX -without spoiler 1.20.4
Corvette ZR1 1.20.4
Ascari KZ1 1.20.7
Mercedes McLaren SLR 1.20.9
Ferrari 599GTB 1.21.2
Audi R8 V10 1.21.6
Ford GT 1.21.9
Porsche 911 Turbo Convertible 1.22.2
Audi R8 V10 Spyder 1.22.3
Ferrari 360 CS 1.22.3
Porsche GT3 RS 1.22.3
Corvette Z06 1.22.4
Noble M15 1.22.5
Lexus LFA 1.22.8
Mercedes SL Black 1.23.0
Murcielago 1.23.7
Zonda 1.23.8
Koenigsegg 1.23.9

Chassis Full spaceframe using mainly 38mm x 1.5mm dia tube.
Panelled in 1.5mm NS4 alloy sheet. FIA spec roll cage.
Wing Double element track design in carbon fibre.

Body GRP finished in red.

Interior Ultima leather seats and Stack instruments..

Lighting Ultima triple headlight system.

Screen Laminated glass. Full U.S.A. and European certified.

Suspension TIG welded double unequal length wishbones.
Alloy uprights in LM25.
Fully adjustable coil spring dampers.

Steering Alloy sports rack and pinion 2.4 turns lock to lock.

Brakes 12.7" curved vane vented disc brakes all round.
Adjustable brake bias front to rear. All s/s TUV hoses.

Engine Chevrolet 406 cu ins V8. (OE American Speed).
Power - 720 bhp - 625 ft/lbs torque.

Gearbox Porsche G50 five speed transaxle.

Wheels 9" x 18" front, 13"x 18" rear alloy three piece with 5 stud centres machined from billet alloy.

Tyres Kumho Ecsta V70A
245/35ZR18 front 335/30/ZR18 rear

Serious Wheels