2013 V12 Goblin Concept by Olli Teittinen


(from Olli Teittinen)

The goal of this personal project was to create a unique, visually striking modern supercar With abundant detail. The design process started with sketches of the front and rear ortographic views. All the way from those sketches the fang-like features and the sharp, angular shapes became the defining visual theme for the car.

During the early design process the armor of the movie villain "Green Goblin" from Spider-Man (2002) came into play as an inspiration reference due to the similar shapes already planned for the car. The inspiration drawn from this reference gave ideas of incorporating more curvy lines and details to balance the powerful but static angular shapes.

Along with working on the main shape and proportion to create a menacing stance a lot of attention was paid to having all of the lines created by the car's features meet up or continue somewhere. The car's dimensions are 4550mm length, 1108mm height and width 1908mm at the front wheels and 2134mm at the rear with a wheel base of 2604mm.

To match the unique looks of the car itself it needed a set of wheels specifically designed for this car. The main detail feature is the angularity and specifically triangles. The deep concave was added into the design for a more dramatic effect and also to compliment the curvy details on the car's body.

Finally, as an homage to the main inspiration the body panels were given a coat of pearlescent green paint.

"Green Goblin" and "Spider-Man" are trademarks of Marvel Entertainment, LLC.

The designer Olli Teittinen is a vehicle design enthusiast and is currently working as a vehicle artist in the computer games industry.


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