2013 Wheelsandmore Mercedes-Benz E63 Seven-11


(from Wheelsandmore Press Release) Mercedes Benz E63 AMG "Seven-11" by Wheelsandmore

With the current E 63 AMG S, Mercedes AMG offers an all-wheel hammer with 585 hp for the whole family and all season use. So obviously there is no reason to ask your tuner for some upgrades…

As Wheelsandmore from Germany isn´t satisfied with just very good, the perfectionists presents their impressive version of the E63AMG S, called "Seven-11".

The 5.5 V8 bi-turbocharged engine got a completely modified exhaust system with flap-controlled sport mufflers and a CRP-F1-kit. The engine control software was adapted tot hat modification what results in breathtaking 700 hp and 1100 nm of torque.

Externally the work of the tuner is only indentified with the timeless 6Sporz ² forged wheels and the subtle suspension lowering. Here the noble tuner applied the 3-part rims on the front axle sizing 9,5 x20" with 255/30/20 and on the drive shaft in 11,0x20" with 295/25/20 Sport Contact 5P tires from Continental. Following the subtle concept, Wheelsandmore enveloped the wheel center discs in a matte black and the outer rims in a subtle anthracite powder coating. The open wheel design revealed in this way the best view on the perfect carbon-ceramic brake system of the Mercedes E63 AMG S.

As a pioneer Wheelsandmore got to develop a new suspension lowering system, because the standard suspension of the W212 differs entirely from pre-production and its sister model CLS218. A discreet lowering at approx. 30mm ensures the Wheelsandmore lowering kit, while maintaining all active suspension systems.

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