2014 AC Schnitzer BMW M4

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AC Schnitzer performs its usual comprehensive treatment, this time of the exciting new BMW M4. The engine sees a performance upgrade to 510 hp from its previous 431 hp. They don't go into details as to where this extra 79 hp comes from, though they do note changes to the exhaust and muffler system. A sports catalyst is in prepartion, which should give even better output.

The AC Schnitzer suspension spring kit improves handling and overall performance, as well as lowering the front by up to 40 mm, and the rear by up to 30 mm.

The firm is known for their aerodynamic parts, and here they offer a number of them. The front spoiler elments and rear diffuser are made of carbon fiber, as are the side view mirror covers. There is also a rear roof spoiler and rear skirt protection foil, as well as a carbon fiber rear wing.

A full range of wheels are available up to 21 inches, and available in silver, black, or anthracite.


(from AC Schnitzer Press Release) "Man, Machine & More" – The M4 by AC Schnitzer

Aachen-based tuning experts open new dimensions in the field of motorsport power

Man, machine & more - The tuning experts at AC Schnitzer have given the BMW M4 with Motorsport power a further kick of energy. Once again, the Aachen-based tuning specialists have shown that there's still no upper limit to power and sporting performance.

To build up the muscle power of the BMW M4, AC Schnitzer has provided a performance upgrade from 431 to 510 hp, at a glance under the bonnet with the AC Schnitzer engine styling shows. A sports catalyst (export version) is currently in preparation, and will reduce the thermal load on the turbocharger and exhaust manifold together with the back pressure.

After a visit to the Aachen workshops, the powerful energy combustion is also revealed in the exhaust of the M4. The AC Schnitzer twin silencer with and without sound pipe (export version), with two "Racing Evo Carbon“ tailpipe trims in right/left combination (in preparation) or with two "Sport“ tailpipe trims on each side, provides the sound which makes the heart of every tuning fan beat faster: power and sporting performance in its purest forms.

And what can't be heard must be felt. With the AC Schnitzer suspension spring kit (lowering by around 25-30 mm at the front and 10-15 mm at the rear), or with the racing suspension adjustable in compression and rebound, including lowering of 30-40 mm at the front and around 30 mm at the rear, it's clear to every sporting M4 driver that the true racing feeling can only come from Aachen. And can be enhanced by choosing products from the aerodynamic package:

AC Schnitzer carbon front spoiler elements, carbon rear diffuser, carbon mirror covers, rear roof spoiler, carbon rear wing (in preparation) and AC Schnitzer rear skirt protective film provide optimum performance which is also reflected in style.

The stylish and functional theme continues into the interior design: AC Schnitzer aluminium pedal set and foot rests, AC Schnitzer keyholder, gear knob with digital gear display, illuminated leather gear knob or aluminium "Black Line“ gear knob, aluminium "Black Line“ handbrake handle, aluminium cover for the iDrive controller and velours floor mats are available to adapt the interior of the vehicle to its powerful performance and sporting elegance.

The tuning package by AC Schnitzer is completed with a complementary wheel range for the motorsport enthusiast. Type VIII Forged Alloys, Racing Forged Wheels and Alloy Rims in BiColor black, silver or anthracite, Type V Forged Wheels in BiColor or anthracite, and Type IV Rims in BiColor black, are available up to size 21 inch with corresponding tyres, to make man and machine into something more: an unbeatable team.

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