2014 Bruxsafol Volkswagen Scirocco

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Bruxsafol announces their latest wrap color: Matte Caribbean Metallic. It is showcased here on this mofified Scirocco that also features a software optimized turbocharged engine outputting in the area of 365 hp. The engine also benefits from the reduced backpressure of a Bull X-exhaust system.


(from Bruxsafol Folien Press Release) PWF by BRUXSAFOL Presents the New "PWF" Film "Matt Caribbean Metallic"

Shortly before the beginning of summer, BRUXSAFOL has introduced the new, extremely trendy color „Matt Caribbean Metallic“ as an addition to its unique „PWF“ film assortment. This extravagant turquoise matt film with an anodized surface turns any car into a real eye catcher. In cooperation with the “PWF” authorized dealer Werbemanufaktur Doll out of Ulm, a racy VW Scirocco was the first car to be upgraded with this new color. A real “super sports car” with special modifications like a Bull X-exhaust system from Turbo, original high gloss RS5 rotor rims in 9x20 et 26, software optimizing incl. DSG on level 3+ (approx.. 370 PS). The interior of this dream car equipped ex work with motor sports bucket seats was left otherwise mostly in the original version except for the white inside lighting with LEDs.

The films of the „PWF“ series („PWF“ stands for „PLATINUM WRAPPING FILM”) are a development of BRUXSAFOL and are available exclusively through carefully selected authorized dealers. Thus the “PWF” partner are solely very experienced and service oriented vendors, which stand for the highest measure of competence and professionalism in regard to the handling and wrapping process. Especially very sophisticated customers, demanding individual consultation – or just desiring extravagant and out of the ordinary wishes – should feel at home here.

Naturally, all films of the “PWF” series are manufactured according to the most up-to-date industrial standards and thus possess a constant high material quality. This not only equips them with a high longevity, but also with a UV resistance and therefore additionally cares for perfect protection and upkeep of value of the wrapped vehicles.

The premium films are also available in extraordinary colors and effects – there are hardly any limits to the design phantasy. Everybody can turn his car into a classy, eccentric and totally unique vehicle, which will surely be noticed anywhere. An overview of the “PWF” authorized dealers and an application video can be found in the web under www.platinum-wrapping-film.de.

For more information:
Bruxsafol Folien GmbH
Thüringenstrasse 2
97762 Hammelburg
Telefon +49 (0) 9732 7873-0
Telefax +49 (0) 9732 7873-78
Email info@platinum-wrapping-film.de
Internet www.platinum-wrapping-film.de

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