2014 BXR Motors Bailey Blade XTR


(from BXR Motors Press Release) BXR Motors Bailey Blade XTR


Curvaceous lines and crisp edges combine to make the Bailey Blade XTR an aesthetically perfected, aerodynamic, performance machine. Featuring the best of classic American muscle with a new-age exotic flare, the Blade does not just turn heads, it breaks necks.


In the words of Andretti, “If you don’t feel out of control, you’re not driving fast enough.” The Blade offers the best of both worlds: speed and power. With superior horsepower and torque, this lightweight supercar is sure to put you back in your seat for a thrilling driving experience.


Being able to dominate the road takes a car that can handle whatever obstacles the trip may present. Responsive brakes and active suspension with dynamic control features results in a controlled, yet comfortably smooth ride.


Take a seat in the lap of luxury when you take the Bailey Blade XTR for a drive. The highest-quality materials paired with supreme functionality make for a driving experience unlike any other.


The Blade’s 6-speed transmission allows for crisp, short-throw shifting that makes this powerful beast controllable and responsive on any velocity joy ride.

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