2014 DMC Ferrari 458 Italia Monte Carlo


(from DMC Luxury Press Release) DMC 458 Italia "MONTE CARLO" Styling Kit

DMC has done it again! After we saw their beastly 458 "ESTREMO" and the rather sublte 458 "ELEGANTE", the German super car refiner is now showcasing a third package for the popular mid-engine car: Introducing the DMC 458 "MONTE CARLO":

Monte Carlo is a package that adds the latest aggressive 2014 style to the popular Italian stallion. Better yet, DMC was even ahead of their time: Considering that the 458 Spyder hasn't even officially launched yet with that particular design, we're in for a treat - a sharp looking white convertible was part of the photoshoot for this press release, world premier!

The Body Kit adds the new special look for owners of the old 458 Italia. Following DMC tradition, it features an whole new, aggressive design, which resembles the latest pranking horse from Maranello. The setup includes a front bumper, a carbon fiber front lip, and sidely located bumper diffusers. The components are easy to install and support a better road feel.

It's worthwhile to mention that DMC guarantees again no visible damage by using their components. The car can be, at any time, be returned to the OEM look, because parts are simple exchanged one for another. There is no work, or modification needed on the car. The old bumper will be taken off and replaced by DMC's Monte Carlo version. Owners may keep the original bumper in their storage and are hence able to restore the factory appearance.

The two cars in this particular photo session really look out of this world. The coupe and the spyder have been created by DMC in association with LP AutoGallery: They are a dealer for SR AutoGroup in China and hence have installed these stunning PUR wheels on the car. They go along very well with the overall appearance and make the car look extremely special.

They come in a combination of 21" at the front and 22" at the rear. And even though they are larger than their OEM siblings, they are some of the lightest found, because of their forged alloy nature. The front is using Pirelli Sport Tyres in dimensions of 255/30, while the rear has the 12x22 dimension in dimensions 335/25. DMC also added a set of sport springs to finalise the new appearance by supporting the new weight-ratio and handling.

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