2014 fostla.de BMW 550i

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This BMW 5 Series sees a performance boost to 562 hp from its previous 408 hp. The additional power for the turbocharged 4.4 liter V8 comes courtesy of ECU modifications and enhanced breathing. The Vmax limiter has also been unlocked.

Other features include H&R springs which have been lowered 35 mm, 20" Yido Performance wheels, and an Urban Taupe Matte Metallic foil wrap.

All changes come at a total of €15,000, which represents a cost savings relative to the M for similar output.


(from fostla.de Press Release)

BMW 550i – more “steam” than M5 series

The car wrapping trade has left its childhood behind since a longtime. The first efforts in these fields have earned only shakes of head. Meanwhile, nevertheless, the advantages of car wrapping instead of coloring have found repartition all over the land, all over Europe and even all over the world. Uncontested the fact that fostla.de at Seelze near Hanover, Germany, figures among the „First Addresses“ in fields of car wrapping. When at the same time the client wishes to have a power improvement for his car, the Hanover team thanks to the PP-Performance cooperation will be above all THE PARTNER in general.

So things have been with a BMW 550i F10. The full wrapping in urban-Taupe-mat-metallic or also gray-olive-mat-metallic makes the gentle viewer more easily think of a kind of four wheeled stealth bomber. The absolutely professionally applied by fostla.de foil gets perfect contrasts thanks to accents like the shiny-black wrapped shadow-line-elements.The windows, as also the front and rear lamps are tinted, of course. The mounted on the front bumper lip and the rear diffusor are in shining-black again. Parts of the interior boast with wrappings in selfcreated by fostla.de design. The sports steering wheel is coated with leather and soft cushioning.

The V8 with its 4.4 liters of engine size and M-packet is not a child of sadness originally. H&R lowering springs give 35 mm more of „dip“. The wheelset consists in Yido Performance YP1 Talia 20 inches in 9x20 ET35 on front and 10x20 ET35 on rear axle. This rim set is offered by fostla.de – besides other rims for other prices – for 2,000 € including certificate. The Michelin Pilot Sports tires in 245/35ZR20 on front and 285/30ZR20 on the rear axle make a first class wheel-tire-combination, before mounting have been added 5 mm wheel spacers. The racing sports exhaust system incl. downpipes contribute their part to the M5 performance.

Apropos performance: As everywhere known, fostla.de is PP-Performance contract dealer for Hanover and whole Northern Germany. That is the reason for that the engine of the Bavarian car had to suffer a PP-Performance refitting containing stage-2 motor electronics modification, downpipes and Vmax unlocking for 4,299 €. In the result, there is a power enhancement from 408 HP (= 300 kW) up to 570 PS (= 419 kW) and torque improvement from 600 up to 800 Nm. For comparison: M5 F10 brings along „only“ 560 HP (= 412 kW) and 680 Nm, but for a significantly higher total price beyond 100.000 €.

The price for the complete refitting of the presented here BMW 550i F10 V8 Bi-Turbo 4.4 with M-packet comes to 15.000 €. Please take your pocket calculator …

For more information concerning this BMW 5 series please contact directly

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