2014 HB Coupe Classic & Road Racer Renderings


(from HB Press Release)  In January 2012 we showed you drawings of the HB Coupé series. Due to the overwhelming response we have continued to design and adjust to make it a feasible project. We have made some big changes.  We down sized the engine from 6 to 4 cylinders. We managed to reduce the weight by 200 kilo’s. The result is a light weight car with the same performance but using less fuel. It is serviceable in any garage. It has modern day comforts and safety features. It can be used as a daily driver, but awards the more sportive driver. We believe it is the way to go. There will be a limited production run of 40 cars in total in 2014. Reserving a production slot is based on first come first serve.

HB Coupé Classic

Full Carbon Monocoque structure weighing only 800 KG with modern safety features and comforts. 17 inch light alloys.

HB Coupé Road Racer

Full Carbon Monocoque structure weighing only 800 KG with modern safety features and comforts. 19 inch light alloys.


Full Carbon Monocoque structure  Pure Race car - not for road use. Safety Roll Cage, fuel cell - fully customizable.


  • Black or creme handcrafted leather interior
  • Dashboard in colour of the car
  • Climate control - Heated seats
  • Entertainment system - touchscreen
  • Heated front and rear windows


  • Airbags Driver and passenger
  • Seat belt tensioners
  • ABS and ESP
  • Front and rear impact zones
  • Side impact reinforcement in doors
  • Integrated roll cage construction

    Engine & Drivetrain

    Standard 170 HP (Classic and Road Racer)
    2.0 Litre 4 cylinder 170 HP
    6 speed manual gearbox
    Limited Slip Differential
    Performance 0-100 kph in under 5 seconds

    Cosworth 255 HP (Classic and Road Racer)
    2.0 Litre 4 cylinder 255 HP
    6 speed manual gearbox
    Limited Slip Differential
    Performance 0-100 kph in under 4 seconds
    From € 67800,-- *
    From € 78500,-- *

    * Prices are without taxes, options, transport or delivery charges.
    □□ Choice of Dashboard - Light or Dark Oak, Light or
    Dark Bamboo, Aluminium or Carbon. (add €470,--)
    □□ Choice of any colour leather interior and stitching.
    (add €560,--)
    □□ Choice of metallic paints and other colours then
    standard. (add €600,--)
    □□ Striping. (add €320,--)
    □□ 2 tone colour combinations. (add €540,--)

    Dimensions & Weight

    Length: 4047 mm
    Height: 1180 mm
    Width: 1830 mm (including mirrors - road racer)
    1760 mm (without mirrors)
    Wheelbase:2472 mm
    Weight: 800kg

    Chassis & Brakes

    Front: Independent double-wishbone suspension with
    aluminium upper and lower arms.
    Rear: Independent Multi-link suspension
    Brake System:
    Four-wheel Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
    Front: 290mm diameter ventilated discs.
    Rear: 280mm diameter discs.

    Carbon Fibre Monocoque

    Our Monocoque structure is best explained by this simple image. It consists of 3 parts - the chassis plate, the inner shell and the body shell. It is quite something special. It has impact zones in front and
    back and reinforced side impact structures. It is very strong and very light. The complete monocoque weighs less then 100 kilo’s.

    Contrary to general belief carbon fibre can be fixed in case of small mishaps. It is extremely durable and the material properties are excellent for car construction. We use vacuum injection for our 29
    moulds. It is completely handcrafted in house.

    Reservation Process

    First come first serve. Reservations are split into 5 sections. Reservation form, payment 1, payment 2,
    test drive and final payment 3. The reservation form reserves a production slot for a HB Coupé for 30 days. To secure a reserved production slot you need to pay the reservation fee of € 10000,-- which will be held by Huet Brothers on a separate savings account. This is a refundable deposit in case you need to exit.

    Another down payment of €30000,-- will be asked when the production starts and includes a purchase
    agreement stating the exact options for the HB Coupé. After test driving and final approval the final payment is upon delivery.

    - Reservation form = reserves a production slot.
    - Payment 1 = €10k to savings account Huet Brothers =
    secures production slot. Refundable.
    - Payment 2 = €30k down payment = production start +
    purchase agreement.
    - Test drive and final approvement
    - Payment 3 = Remainder in Euro’s including taxes and
    applicable options upon delivery.


    All reservations get an extremely cool 36 page photo album that will help them to decide on their options and the personalization of their HB Coupé. It has unseen images that will blow your mind. For
    those enthusiasts who can’t afford the HB Coupé just yet but do want the photo album we offer it for sale at cost price on www.huetbrothers.com.

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