2014 HPerformance Volkswagen Golf IV R32

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The Volkswagen Golf R32 was built from 2003 to 2004. The world's first production car with a dual clutch gearbox, it was originally intended for the German market, but its popularity prompted Volkswagen to offer it in the United States and Australia in its 2nd and final year of production.

In developing their high-performance version of the R32, HPerformance chose a crankshaft with a shorter throw, for a reduced engine volume of 3 liters. While this might be slightly counterintuitive and torque did go down slightly, the bonus is increased revving capability, and with the Precision turbocharger, they can elicit up to 650 hp from the V6.

A number of modifications were needed to make this remarkable increase in power possible. Hperformance specially designed the intercooler, piping, and suction system, as well as the flap controlled exhaust system. The new brakes feature larger pads, and the body is carried on Bilstein shocks with H&R stabilizers/anti roll bars.

The net result is a terrifically powerful Golf IV with output that can be fully adjusted thanks to an electronic boost controller. Depending on your needs, peak output can be set from 500-650 hp.

The interior features Recaro seats, a carbon fiber tube in the rear for safety and chassis reinforcement, and of course a fire extinguisher. Safety first.


(from HPerformance Press Release) HIGH ACCURACY OF “UNDER PRESSURE” in R32 by HPERFORMANCE

HPerformance is known for its optimization methods applied to a large series of Volkswagen and Porsche vehicles far beyond the borders of Baden-Württemberg Osterburken. Due to its team of specialists, the company has a long-term experience in working with models S, R and RS. Any customer request — no matter how unusual it is — comes into fruition in the course of a routine work.

This time, the team led by the director of the company Tobias HäFNER has chosen Golf IV R32. Due to the development of a modified crankshaft, a strong vehicle with engine capacity of 3.2 liter almost by means of reducing the capacity turned into R32 with engine capacity of 3.0 liters, that is, the so-called “R30”. Though this measure has led to a slight reduction of the turning torque, the rotating speed increased significantly. HPerformance equipped the engine with other radius rods in order to prevent fraction of the original connecting rod. The heart and the distinguishing characteristic of the engine is Precision-PT6235 turbocharger, therefore, R32 very rarely gets “under pressure”.

To ensure the access of fuel the engine compartment is equipped with a catch tank and an additional fuel pump. Boost intercooler and related piping and suction system are individual elements specially developed by HPerformance, in other words installation of serial products is out of question. The same applies to flap-controlled exhaust system, which works with a terrifying noise fully corresponding with the sound typical for R32/30. The sound is wicked as hell. The brake system, by the way, has also completely changed. The brake discs on the front axle have a diameter of 356x32 mm, but on the rear axle their diameter is 304x28 mm. Moreover, adjustable shock absorber Bilstein-(B)16 is combined with H&R stabilizers.

In addition to the second load compartment the trunk is equipped with a carbon tube, upholstery and fire extinguisher are also special creations of HPerformance. Cabin seats are produced by Recaro and bear a beautiful name Pole Position.Finally, with regard to power and its adjustment it should be noted that the boost pressure and its characteristics can be adjusted with the help of fully customizable electronic “Boost-Controller”. Thus, the peak output of the vehicle is 500-650 HP. Modification price is 20.000 Euros!The accuracy of such detailed and lovingly performed work on a vehicle worth it, which can be easily seen on the example provided here.

More detailed information about R32 you can get directly at

Owner + consultant: Tobias HäFNER
Silcherstraße 29,
74706 Osterburken
Telephone: +49 (0)6291/648 76 01
E-Mail: info@hperformance.de
Web: www.hperformance.de

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