2014 JE Design Seat Leon Cupra 280-SC


(from JE Design Press Release) Hotter than chili: JE DESIGN equips the Leon CUPRA 280-SC with a whopping 350 hp

  • Performance boost for most powerful Seat ever
  • Exhaust system starting at the CAT makes for a sporty sound
  • Exclusive rims and innovative suspension solution

It is considered the most powerful Seat ever to be produced as a production model – the new Leon CUPRA 280. The compact rocket combines driving pleasure and everyday practicality and captivates onlookers with its dynamic design and exclusive equipment right off the production line. JE DESIGN from Leingarten in Baden-Württemberg got right to work on the sporty GTI competitor and clearly sharpened it even further. In addition to a performance enhancement to 350 hp, the refiner offers a coilover suspension or optional springs for original shock absorbers, an exhaust system starting at the CAT as well as aerodynamic components and Y-Spoke rims. If they are not already provided with an EC approval, all of these parts have a corresponding TüV technical component report.

The refiner specializing in Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Porsche offers a substantial performance enhancement for the sporty three-door known as the Seat Leon 5F CUPRA 280-SC. By means of additional electronics (1,899 Euro), performance increases from the standard 206 kW/280 hp to 258 kW/350 hp with a maximum torque of 440 Nm (380 Nm). The JE DESIGN Leon CUPRA 280, equipped with a direct shift, completes the sprint from a standstill to 100 km/h in 5.1 seconds (series: 5.7 seconds). It tops off at a speed of 250. The enhanced performance Seat still fulfills the Euro 6 emissions standard.

Furthermore, with the KW coilover suspension DCC Plug & Play, JE DESIGN offers an optimal solution for the CUPRA 280-SC, already equipped from the factory with the adaptive DCC (Dynamic Chassis Control). The application, available for 2,299 Euro, brings the Spanish hotshot as much as 45 millimeters closer to the tarmac. Alternatively, lowering springs for original shock absorbers are offered. They provide approximately 35 millimeters of additional depth, and are also suitable for DCC. The costs amount to 236 Euro.

In the meantime, an exhaust system starting at the CAT and made by JE DESIGN provides an even sportier sound. It leads to the left and right in each case with twin tailpipes, each with diameter of 80 millimeters. The system, which comes with EC approval, costs 2,023 Euro. Those who choose real carbon tail pipes pay 2,392 Euro.

Aerodynamic components and rims that are also available as a complete wheel set round off the offer for the Seat Leon CUPRA 280-SC. These include a front spoiler (417 Euro) and side skirts in carbon look (357 Euro).

A matte black finish and a silver border characterize the rim by JE DESIGN known as the Y-Spoke. For the CUPRA, the rim is available in size 8.5 x 19 ET 45 with tires 235/35 R 19. The price amounts to 1,851 Euro including installation and balancing.

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