2014 Larte Design Mercedes-Benz GL Black Crystal

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The Black Crystal gets it name from both the use of rows of LED lights and the complex set of angles seen on pieces like the new front bumper. These elaborate interplay of edged shapes can also be seen in the rear apron, which like the front bumper includes exposed carbon inserts that blend with the black color. The middle of the rear apron has a Formula 1 style set of 12 LED brake lights arranged in 3 columns. 4 tailpipes emerge from the specially created Remus stainless steel exhaust system.

The large front fender ducts are shown in both red and carbon fiber. What Larte Design describes as side skirts appear to be textured running boards.

The V6 diesel gets a power boost to 509 lb-ft and 290 hp.

Northern Germany

(from Larte Design Press Release) Big – Bold – Beautiful

LARTE Germany GmbH turns the Mercedes GL into a “Black Crystal“

With a lot of luxury and at a length of 5.12m, the Mercedes GL is the ultimate full-size SUV. From now on fans of sporty cars can also buy it, for LARTE Design has fine-tuned this giant gem, turning it into a “Black Crystal“. The components of the exclusive kit will fit all the latest model variants. Parts of the LARTE GL are a very aggressive body kit, attractive alloy wheels and a sonorous exhaust system. The icing on the cake is a powerful engine uprating. All the “Black Crystal’s” components are of OEM premium quality and made in Germany and its European neighbors.

The completely re-designed front bumper has a fascinating “crystalline” ornamentation and aggressive geometry: the blazon-shaped front guard stretches over almost the entire height of the car. Two really gigantic crystals, prongs, edges, boomerang-shaped elements, exposed carbon inserts and a number of air inlets make for a very martial effect. In cooperation with the German OEM supplier Nolden, striking LED daytime running lights were designed that do not only add to safety but also light up the “Black Crystal“ in a very tasteful fashion.

To provide even more “visual muscle” and sporty proportions LARTE also gave the Mercedes GL mighty front and rear fender spacers, side skirts and rear door beads, which underscore the car’s width and let the silhouette appear flatter and more dynamic. The LARTE rear apron draws upon the front design and has some high-quality details like exposed carbon inserts, a central formula-1-type brake light and a specially designed four-pipe stainless steel exhaust system by the Austrian partner Remus. Its complex shape – steel on the inside and carbon on the outside – make it an excellent piece of workmanship.

Finally, the “Black Crystal” features forged, dark XXL 11 x 22’’ alloy wheels with angular double spokes. After all, in terms of speed, the heavy giant is on a par with fast limos and coupés. Thanks to an uprating realized in cooperation with Wetterauer the GL has a lot of reserves. The V6 diesel engine of the “Black Crystal“ has no less than 290 hp / 213 kW and a top torque of 690 Nm. The serial version’s numbers are 258 hp / 190 kW and 620 Nm.

LARTE-tuned Mercedes GL on photo tour prior to the Essen Motor Show

In Germany, the LARTE Design-tuned Black Crystal, based on the Mercedes GL, will premiere at the Essen Motor Show from November 29 - December 7. If you were lucky you have been able to see it before, though, for the Black Crystal made a stop in northern Germany for a photo shooting against the backdrop of historic locations.

You could see the 5.12m long SUV on Schloss Hohenlimburg in Hagen, for example. This original castle, built from the 13th century on a hill, was ideal for the Black Crystal’s aggressive body kit and the matt-black 22’’ alloy wheels. The totally new front bumper features a fascinating “crystalline” ornamentation and aggressive geometry. Edges, jags, boomerang-shaped elements, exposed carbon inserts and a number of air inlets make for a very martial look.

The next stop was Arnsberg. The town, first mentioned in a document in 789, is well known for its old town and monuments and picturesque scenery. In the great light in Alter Markt (old market square), the striking rear apron with its specially developed Remus valve exhaust system really came into its own. The traditional Haus zur Krim, a mighty building from 1709 on a fortress-like ground plan, was certainly the right backdrop.

In technical terms, however, the LARTE Black Crystal is also very innovative. To show this, the photographer chose a site at the historic 70mn m2 Sorpetalsperre (a water reservoir). Although the weir was built between 1926 and 1935, it is still used as a pumped storage hydro power station, with the original turbines combined with the latest control systems. And in order to enhance the SUV’s overtaking prestige as well, daytime running lights are used, specially developed in conjunction with the German OEM supplier Nolden. By the way, there are also moving pictures of this potent giant, shot on a stud farm in northern Germany and viewable at http://bit.ly/1BycKxL.

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