2014 Lazzara 67' Open Series Yacht

(from Lazzara Yachts Press Release) 2014 Lazzara 67’ Open Series Yacht

This new Lazzara 67’ Open Series yacht conceptualized by Lazzara Custom Yachts team of Joey Lazzara and Ian Ombres and is largely inspired by car design seen at this year’s Detroit Auto show. The vertical bow or plum bow on the front of the yacht, is reminiscent of the more vertical grills seen on the road today. The hull window which has a carbon fiber striker through the middle, is similar to the front wheel detail of the Aston Martin. “This helps protect the window and side of the boat while at the dock” says 3rd generation boat builder/designer Joey Lazzara. The A- pillar of the 67’ which is part of the trademark “tear drop” window design on previous models has been slightly modified to shift the weight and momentum forward, seen on many car models.

The 67’ will have a limited production of 12 yachts built at the manufacturing site in Tampa Florida which will help increase demand and resale. Twin Volvo IPS 1200,s has been selected push the 67’ up to 40 knots while making it more efficient and lowering the cost of ownership. The lower deck will have three customizable layouts to choose from as well as various textures and fabrics. The aft garage will store two wave runners which is hard to find on any yacht under 80’ in the world today. This as well as dive equipment and paddleboards is part of the design focus. Advancements in the exterior lighting using LED and for the first time OLED is also under development at Lazzara which was noticed by many car companies. The entire top deck overhead can enclosed by the push of button by a canvas awning.

“I set out to design a yacht that would be something I would want to own. A yacht that would inspire emotion like the car industry does on a regular basis but have the function and practically to meet the needs of the most discerning yachtsmen. I think we’ve designed an owner/operator yacht that will do all those things and more.

My grandfather Vince Lazzara always said, God only gives you so many days but the ones you spend at sea don’t count against you.

More information visit LazzaraLenton.com

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